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Thursday, 7 June 2018

Cards & Gifts // Father's Day 2018

With Fathers Day just over a week away I've compiled some ideas for cards and gifts using some familiar high street and online brands. 


I've included Paperchase cards to gift guides over the years as they are so inclusive in their designs and relations. With Fathers Day I find that a lot of designs are based around alcohol, sports or gardening but with Paperchase you get traditional, humorous and simplistic designs for all recipients. These cards in particular caught my eye, although they fall under typical designs the structure of these 3D cards are amazing. 

Love Layla Designs

Love Layla Designs are a favourite of mine and for people looking for humorous cards I always suggest them. There are various degrees of humour with them so I feel as tough they can cater to everyone. These designs in particular are on the more light-hearted side but if you love a laugh then I'd 100% check them out. They are fantastic quality and even offer wrapping paper and small gifting. My dads fathers day card has come from them again this year and I'm so happy with it.

Card Factory

I've said before how Card Factory has the most affordable gifting range in comparison to other stores but their online store does not have as much to offer in terms of relation gifting. With Card Factory online you have more opportunity to personalise the gifts so I'd get on there asap for it to arrive in time for Fathers Day. What I think strikes me the most with Card Factory are their non traditional gift ideas so you don't always have to go with the mug or the key ring, they offer homeware pieces too.


Clintons have similar in store and online stock but each store won't carry everything. Clinton's have licenses to sell popular TV and movie gifting so this is where you would go for traditional items like mugs and bears...etc. Clintons is a perfect to go to for gifts from young ones and they host many characters like Marvel, Star Wars & Dad's Army. Clinton's have started to branch into "personalised" gifting by including companies that have named items. Although you cannot chose the name yourself you may find one with you relations name on it.

What are your plans for Fathers Day? Is there a gift idea you have? Please feel free to comment below and share your ideas!

As always, thanks for reading...

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