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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Cards & Gifts // Mother's Day 2018

Mother's Day is just under a week away and if you haven't got anything for your mum yet or like me you've had to wait until payday the high street is going to be your best option. 
With the UK currently hosting "the beast from the east" I wouldn't count on online ordering in case of backlog but hopefully we should all be going back to normal soon.

Card Factory

The best quality that Card Factory has is price point but every occasion I find their card selection has the broadest designs. Card Factory aren't affiliated with any brands in the same way Clintons are so I find you get more design variety. I really like the fact they have the variations of Grandma, Nan, Nana...etc and that's a way of me saying don't forget her as well this Mothers Day.
Again their price points are their selling point but they cater to all ages when it comes to gifts. They also think out of the box a lot and in store I've seen things like glasses cases, slippers, storage boxes/tins...etc which is something you wouldn't necessarily think of.


Clintons are well established in the UK and come occasions like Mother's Day they seem to be very inclusive in their cards. Again you can get a variation of Grandma, Nan...etc but also Mum To Be, Like A Mum & Godmother. If you are after a specific title card this would be the store I'd chose. I think you'd have a lot more luck with them.

The benefits of going into a Clintons is that they host a whole load of other brands for gifting. As seen above you get Willow Tree & Yankee Candle as well as Disney, Me To You, Boofle and lots more. I would say Clintons is the best for Gifting if you don't have a budget in mind. I say that because some of these brands can be expensive and there isn't anything more annoying than seeing something perfect that's out of your price range. I like that Clintons also have traditional Mother's Day Gifting like bears, mugs and frames so you have gifting from all ages to all ages.

Are you prepared for Mothers Day? or Are you a Mother waiting to be spoilt? I'd love to hear your plans and any other ideas you have so please, comment below!

As always, thanks for reading...

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