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Friday, 30 March 2018

Easter Baskets 2018

Here's how I put together this year’s Easter Baskets. Now they've all been delivered out I can pop this post up without spoiling the contents for the kids. Hopefully this gives you ideas if you need to put something together last minute or keep in mind for next year.

I started with 8 pink baskets from Tesco (the only colour in stock) which were a little small by the time I got everything together, so I would suggest getting the baskets last!
The Works have some brilliant Easter Basket decorations on offer and I really liked the Basket Grass Filling and the Easter Egg Picks pictured below.

I did make a slight error and forgot to order any foam block to put the Easter Stakes in so I spent most of the evening sellotaping them to the baskets to look like this:
I think this would of been a lot more effective with a foam block so they could be placed spaced around and in between the bits and pieces but I am happy with how they turned out.
Squeezing everything in was quite difficult so you cannot see everything from the front. In this years baskets I included; A DVD, A pack of Star Monster, A Tumbler Cup filled with sweets, A Smarties Easter Egg, A Sweet Bag filled with Marsh Mallows, 2 Flumps, A Pack of Skittles, A pack of Strawberry Laces, A Character Blind Bag, Two Minions Blind Bags, A Family of Chicks and A Wind Up Chick or Bunny.

I then added the personalised Egg and popped it in the front before wrapping in a cellophane bag.
I'm so happy with how they turned out this year, managed to get some different items to previous years that they loved and I'll probably do again for next year. 

What have you got planned this Easter Weekend? Have you done any Easter Baskets?

Please share any ideas by commenting below and you can always find me on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

As always, thanks for reading...

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