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Monday, 26 March 2018

Beauty Eggs // Easter 2018

Something that has popped up on the beauty scene this year are egg shaped or Easter themed beauty gifting. There is only a small range out there but I was surprised to find these products and then confused as to why this hasn't been done before. 
Beauty Eggs are an alternative gift idea to the traditional Chocolate Easter Eggs and I really like it. 

I Heart Revolution Egg Compacts - £5
From Left to Right; Rose Gold, Dragon, Gold & Unicorn 

I think Makeup Revolution were the first on the scene with this Beauty Easter concept (but don't quote me on that!). These contain 5 shimmer eyeshadows and 2 highlighters. These would be great in an Easter hamper if you are putting one together for your teenager or even picking it up as a Spring compact for yourself to keep on the go. I love the shades they have come out with; my favourite is Dragon it's not only right on trend this Spring but perfect to create a sultry night look as well. They also feel inclusive of all skin tones and fashions. Usually I wouldn't be one for purple and would consider it quite an odd choice but with the unicorn and mermaid inspired looks around it makes a lot of sense.

Essie Nail Easter Eggs - £8.99
From Left to Right; Spin The Bottle, Eternal Optimist & Ballet Slippers 

Unfortunately, you cannot see all the shades as clear in this photo, but you have a pastel pink, a more muted barbie pink and a purple-y grey. They are gorgeous colours, but I honestly would have loved the egg to be reflective of the shade as they scream more vibrant Spring colours. Saying that, when looking at Essie's range these three are amongst the most popular colour choices so I can see why they were chosen. I think it would be great to pick a colour to put in an egg, that would make it a lot more personal, but I'm so intrigued by these. From the point of view that this is the first time the brand has delve into this concept and the only nail brand to do so, I'd say they've done a really good job.

L'Occitane Beauty Eggs - £15
From Left to Right; Cherry Blossom & Almond

The Cherry Blossom Gift includes; Cherry Blossom Shower Gel 75ml, Cherry Blossom Scented Soap 50g, Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 10ml.
The Almond Gift Set includes; Almond Show Oil 75ml, Almond Delicious Soap 50g, Almond Delicious Hands 10ml.
I love L'Occitane products and I wasn't as impressed with the past Christmas's gifting range so seeing this has got me pleasantly surprised. Three good sized products from L'Occitane, packaged beautifully in their signature style is well worth the price point and I even believe they have a 2 for £25 offer on at the moment! This is perfect for your mother, grandmother or again a friend who would prefer something like this over Chocolate. The colour scheme reflects Spring and the brand and I think if they were to expand this into Face Care or Hair Care they'd be on to a really winner.

L'Oreal Beauty Egg - £8
This contains; a full sized L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Clear Face & Lip Scrub 50ml, Pure Clay Detox Mask Mini 7ml, and Hydra Genius Liquid Moisturiser Mini 3ml. 

Going with a clear egg is a little bit of a risk. The egg is quite large and although beautifully designed, you can see that almost half of it is filled with tissue paper. L'Oreal have a good thing here and with this being such a new concept, I wouldn't have expected to get any full-sized product. I think if they were to carry on with something like this a coloured or smaller egg would be a better representation of its value. What I love the most is this is a pamper in an egg, containing its most popular products from its newest range. This would be something I'd love to receive. 

Olay Total Effects Beauty Egg - £6
This contains an Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Day Cream with SPF15.
This is an "anti-ageing moisturiser that fights the 7 signs of ageing for radiant and fabulous skin. It’s Olay’s simple, smart approach for youthful, healthier looking skin that can better stand the test of time" 
This is 100% targeted to your mother or grandmother but I like the fact they are included too. Beauty doesn't have to be limited because of age or even gender. There is nothing to say your Father or Grandfather wouldn't like or benefit from this! In comparison to the L'Oreal Egg you can see that Olay made it to fit the product in with limited space, this then feels like you are getting more product. You get 15ml for £6 which is a real bargain for Olay, it feels like this is their test run into the new concept of Beauty Eggs and I'm hoping they expand it a little more next year.

Lush Golden Egg - £29.95
This Contains;
I didn't include Lush in my Valentines or Mother's Day Gifting as I would because I found you are paying an extortionate price for packaging. 
Unfortunately, it's the same argument here. The contents total £22.60, meaning you are paying £7.35 for the extra packaging! It is lovely and very representative of Easter and the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory tagline, but you could buy the products and a reusable Easter Basket for £1 and still save over £5. That's the price of another Bath Bomb! It's disappointing to see a gifting range from a brand like Lush who are so well known for it, oversell on packaging by that much. If it was £2-£3 it's understandable but not from a company who advertise "Naked Packaging"

What do you think of this new Beauty Egg concept? Do you like it? or Do you find it to be an overexertion of Holiday themed gifting? 

I'd love to know, comment below or find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

As always, thanks for reading...

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