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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Basket Ideas & Haul // Easter 2018

The past few years I've put Easter Baskets together for some of my cousins children and I thought I'd do a recap of what I've put in them and a mini haul of some of the items I will include in this years baskets.
In 2016 I created two styles of Easter Baskets as I had a 3 month old baby to think about as well. I also created Sweet Bags on behalf of my cousin for her friend's children (pictured below).
In the baskets for the older children I included Blind Bags, Sweets, Bubbles, A Colouring Book, Pencils and Character Stickers. In the baby's basket I included A Soft Toy, A Onesie, A Pack of Bibs, A Teething Ring and Some Dummies.

In 2017 I was able to create one style of Easter Basket for all the ages just tweaked some of the sweets as the youngest was only one.
I included an Easter Egg, A Small Bag Of Sweets, A Bubble Stick, A DVD, A Magazine and A chest full of Blind Bags for the older children, but filled the one year olds with more milk chocolate.

This year I've managed to get more variety in the baskets, although they included the same type of items. I came across websites like Toys For A Pound and Pound Toy, which are honestly amazing if you are putting together hamper baskets. I also used favourites like Baker Ross and The Works. I am going to put a post up on Friday of my baskets put together as I don't want to spoil all of the contents for the older kids who may read this post.

I wanted to personalise the baskets this year so I picked up the items pictured below.
The large egg shapes and embellishments were from The Works, whilst the stick on foam letters were from Baker Ross. 
I thought these eggs would be lovely to put messages on and the foam stick on letters were perfect for it. I was going to stick the embellishments on the actual baskets but thought they looked amazing on the eggs.
Here is just a few of the ones I put together. I am so happy with how they turned out and I think this would be a great idea for school or after school crafts too!

I also purchased some lovely treat bags on Baker Ross that were the perfect size to put in Mini Marshmallows. 

These are made out of a shiny plastic / card material which makes them look vibrant and holds their shape brilliantly. It does make sticking them down a little difficult so I'd suggest double sided tape! Each treat bag managed to hold over 100 mini marshmallows so they are not super big but you'd be able to get a few treat sized chocolate bars in if you wanted to do something different. I am definitely buying these again for next year!
Minus the Mini Marshmallows this left me with a lot of sweets to still put in the hamper but I didn't want to use cellophane bags again. I managed to get some plastic tumbler cups from Toys For A Pound and The Works that were perfect for all the ages I was putting the baskets together for. I decided to take everything but the Skittles, Flumps and Strawberry Laces and put them in the cups. What was left over was quite bulky and I didn't want to squash the Flumps in the cups.

I think they turned out really well and I am so happy I came across them in time for these Easter Baskets.

Well that is just an inside to items I've included before and some little crafts and treats ideas from this year that you could do for a hamper or on their own.

Are you making Easter Hampers? What are you putting in yours?

Please share any ideas by commenting below and you can always find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

As always, thanks for reading...

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