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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Valentines Gifts 2018

Although gifting around Valentine's Day can be as predictable as say Wedding Day gifting, there are still many retailers that have brilliant products without inflating the price just because of Valentines Day. Again similar to the Valentines Day Cards post I decided to feature three brands.

Bomb Cosmetics

I don't think this would come to any surprise after my last post. I will be honest and say I did have to rewrite this as I had originally picked Lush as a bathing / beauty option. I was shocked that Lush gift sets were priced over £3 higher because of the gift wrapping. Bomb Cosmetics offer an amazing range at very affordable prices. When comparing them to Lush I was finding that I could get twice the amount of products, with quality and more variety for the same or even a lower price.
Both priced at £7.99
First is priced at £13.99, the rest are £14.99

These are fantastic sets that do not break the bank. I am so impressed with this brand and I think these would make lovely pamper gifts for those who maybe cannot fully celebrate Valentines Day with it being a weekday and may be working. They can still use the evening to relax and spend time with their partner. Click Here to check out their range.

Titled Gifts

Some couples love to buy gifts with Husband, Wife, Loved One...etc on them and there are many companies and brands who do that. I would always say Clintons and Card Factory are the best stores to find them. With Clintons you get the more well known brands like Me To You and Boofle whereas Card Factory have their own brand gifts.
Between both of these retailers you can get items such as:

Bears & Mugs
Decorative Pieces & Keepsakes

But there are certain products that each retailer does better. Clintons have a better array of Candles whilst Card Factory do amazing Balloon bouquets. A lot of high streets will have both stores so you'll be able to compare and even shop between the two as they do have different price points. Card Factory is more affordable but you have to remember that Clintons hosts a lot of different brands / companies and therefore has different price points.

D.I.Y & Experience Gifts

There are many retailers where you can buy experience gifts from but that is not what I mean. Whether you are in a new relationship or have many years under your belt, why not chose an experience that's either new to you or a favourite of yours.
For example; Go back to where you met. I find a lot of couples say they met through friends at a pub / restaurant, on a night out or out for someone's birthday and I think it'd a really cute idea to go back to where you met (if you can). I know some couples will always go back to the same restaurant they met at or I know one couple who met at a mutual friends bowling birthday get together so they always go bowling. I just think it's a great way to reminisce and it doesn't necessarily have to cost a lot.

When it comes to D.I.Y gifts, Pinterest will be your best friend and I've featured quite a few on my Blog over the years. There are always things you can do that plays to your strengths. Are you good with words? Could you write a poem? Sing a song? Do you draw? Could you sketch them something they'd love? Something that is personal will always gain brownie points and again something to later reminisce about. 

One idea I found on Pinterest are the Open When.... Letters. I may have brought this up before but it's something that you could use for any occasion. I think this suits a lot of couples whether your relationship is newer or you've been together for years. I love this idea for those who are away from each other a lot. I've read many comments of wives and husbands who have sent or packed letters like this for their partner who is in the army, marines or works on the road and away from home months at a time. 

I found this with another 31 ideas on a website so Click Here to view it.

Do you have any plans for Valentines Day? Have any gift ideas that you'd love to share? Comment below!

As always, thanks for reading...

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