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Friday, 9 February 2018

Valentine's Cards 2018

Over the years I've picked one maybe two retailers and highlighted their range for that year. However, this year I found that a lot of brands had their own unique selling points and decided to include three retailers in this year’s Cards post.

Bomb Cosmetics

I clicked onto their website to look at gift ideas when I came across their Valentines Range. If you are new to Bomb Cosmetics I'd look them up. They pride themselves on handmade and natural bathing, body care and home scent products. What's unique about their Valentines range is Bath Blaster cards. I don't know if any company has done something similar before but it's a completely new concept to me. 
Although the variety is limited you still get cards that are:

 For Him & Her
For Couples & "Punny"

I’m really impressed by these and think they are a great little two in one gift / card combo. It's surprising that you don't see more of something like this outside of "Bathing" companies but at the same time I have more faith in their brand's promise of being all natural.
If you want to check them out yourself the Click Here.


This company is mostly known for stationery but do some lovely cards for any occasion. Their range isn't as big as other companies but there is variety amongst them. I’d say their unique selling points are food and animal puns. What gets my attention with this brand is the contrast between simplistic and busy designs without labelling them as husband, wife, partner...etc. 

 Food Puns
 Animal Puns

A lot of the time I find people don’t like to buy cards with their relationship title on them, especially when the relationship is new. These designs show similar humour in different designs and no necessity for that label. I think they have a really affordable and inclusive card range, if you want to check them out then Click Here.

Card Factory

Card Factory is the biggest company out of the three with more than 900 stores across the UK & Ireland that equates to more than one store in most high-streets. 
On the website you can personalise your cards with pictures and text but focusing on their in store cards their unique selling point will always be price. Most cards I pick up come from Card Factory, getting a lovely design and message for half the price as other retailers will always have an attraction and when it comes to Valentine's Day they like to match designs to gifts too.

Simplistic & "Punny"
Romantic & Funny

Unlike the previous two brands, Card Factory's range is larger because of titled cards so for those who like to have one saying for Wife, Husband...etc you will find one here. Covering romance, humour, puns, poems and simplicity this store is the best place for someone who doesn't know where to start, what they are looking for or are picking one up last minute. If you want to see the range yourself then Click Here

What are your opinions on the companies Valentine's Day Card ranges? Is there another company you think is better? Leave a comment below!

As always thanks for reading...

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