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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Christmas Prep & Mini Haul // Holidays With Hannah

I've done a separate Christmas Haul and A Christmas Prep post over the years but I decided to combine the two this year as I will be venturing into some DIY's for posts to come.

I've said before I am very organised, especially when it comes to Christmas. I tend to start buying for Birthdays over September-December at the end of August / beginning of September. I will then have a huge clear out and make space for Christmas presents and start buying in late September / beginning of October. I try to get everything before the end of November but there is always little bits like Chocolate, Wine or Extra wrapping I'll generally need to pick up in December.

This year I invested in more Costco Wrapping Paper. It's always my favourite go to but I usually pick up character paper for the children I buy for round Christmas. Last year I found the quality of licensed character paper had dropped and I was still paying around £3 a roll for 3 or 4 metres. So rather than buying one Costco roll at £7 and 6 Rolls at £3 (totalling £25) I brought 3, 34 Metre rolls from Costco for £21. The great thing about the rolls are that they're double sided, meaning I have 6 different designs for the 6 different children.

Since I can remember I started buying Candy Canes to pop into cards for family, friends, schoolmates and teachers. I've carried that on and changed it up in some situations. Rather than buy an extra pack of cards for friends at work I'll buy sweets and pop them into a tub for work colleagues to come and help themselves to. For those I write cards for, I'll still pop Candy Canes in.

The Photo Baubles. When my cousins started having children I was around 11 years old and I didn't have the money to buy presents like I do now but one thing I would do is buy them a tree ornament. They had one for their first Christmas and then each year I've either brought, made or made with them a decoration for the tree. This way when they have their own tree they'll have some ornaments to remind them of Christmas's before. I've done photo baubles before and I will do every few years as it's a great way to track them growing up and as they are double sided I'll either put the year or a character they were into that year. There will be another post on the ones I've done this year soon.

Stockings. The past couples of years I've done stockings with small gifts I have brought my parents and brother with some sweets / chocolate and I'll even pop in a Clementine. I saw these gorgeous stockings in Poundland, they were not the ones I originally went in there for but they fit in so well with our colour scheme that they were perfect. There will be a post on these too soon.

I brought some wooden tags and bells to personalise some of the gifts I brought this year. This will be another D.I.Y but couldn't show much more than the image above at the moment as I didn't want to give away some of the presents until they are wrapped.

As always I have a huge stock of scissors, tape, ribbon and bows in which I invested in some lovely double sided satin ribbon from Ebay. This looks lovely on brown paper wrapped gifts. Click here for a link to the seller.
There is a lot more to come in between my gift guides and although I wanted to do this prep / haul post I didn't want to give too much away.

I would love to know what your plans for Christmas are. If you're excited to share present ideas, found something from my Gift Guides, created a Makeup look or done a Christmas DIY I'd love to see! As always you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and now Facebook or by using the Hashtag #HolidaysWithHannah.

As always, thanks for reading...

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