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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

River Island Beauty & Jewellery Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown

River Island Beauty & Jewellery Advent Calendar - £35

- 1 x Barry M ‘That’s Swell’ Lip gloss 
- 1 x Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream
- 10 pieces of gorgeous RI Jewellery for the season of Glam!

How is it different to last years advent?

This is new to River Island this year and I was quite surprised at the price of this. I think pairing with Barry M was a good shout but I'd like to have seen 6 pieces from them and 6 pieces of River Island jewellery. 

Is it worth the money?

Yes and No. Again you'll get your moneys worth but it's not as exciting as other Jewellery advents. I think making this a 24 day advent and upping the price to £45-£50 with more pieces from Barry M would have been a lot better. Hopefully they'll do something different next year.

I will be reviewing a multitude of different Calendars this year. If there are any you'd like me to review catch me on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #CalendarCountdown.

As always, thanks for reading...

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  1. This is the first time I've heard of their advent calendar. It sounds interesting, but I agree that they should have some more Barry M products, especially considering most jewellery is very subjective to each person!

    Lizzie | www.lizziegines.co.uk


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