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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Paw Patrol Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown

Paw Patrol Advent Calendar - £24.99

- 24 Pieces ; 17 Figures & 7 Accessories

How is it different to last years advent?

I can't find any advent from Spin Master for last year. This is the first advent that they have released for Paw Patrol and they have really done their research. 

Is it worth the money?

Yes 100%. Paw Patrol is so popular and you may think that £24.99 is a little steep but you are getting the whole cast of animal characters, plus extra animal characters that are usually included in their solo sets and accessories. One figure is usually around £10.00 so for £15.00 more you are getting a lot more for your money.

I will be reviewing a multitude of different Calendars this year. If there are any you'd like me to review catch me on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #CalendarCountdown.

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