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Monday, 13 November 2017

Operation Christmas Child 2017

The past couple of years I have shown you what I've included in my Operation Christmas Child boxes. This year I haven't been in the best health so I decided to fill and send my boxes online and thought I'd show you the process if you decide to do an online box too.

The first step is to chose a gender and age. (Any would be fantastic but there is always a shortage of boys 10-14)

It will then ask you to Add Essentials. These include all the hygiene and school supplies they'd need.

 Boys List
Girls List 

Depending on whether you've chosen a girl or boy you'll be able to pick out one main toy.

 Boys List

 Girls List

Then again whether you've picked a boy or a girl you can chose three small toys.

 Boys List

 Girls List

Then you choose three accessories for either your boy or girl. (You can also chose a hat for the girl but I couldn't get a picture with it included).

Then finally, if you want to you can add a picture and message for the child you are sending your box too.

Drop off dates usually end this week if you want to put your own shoe box together but doing them online means you can find out where your boxes went. So far I've found my boxes have gone to Romania and The Middle East.

As always, thanks for reading...

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