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Friday, 17 November 2017

Glenfarclas Whisky Advent Calendar // Calendar Countdown

Glenfarclas Whisky Advent Calendar - £299.95

Glenfarclas 29 Year Old 1986 Refill Sherry Casks - Family Collector Series V
Glenfarclas 25 Year Old
Glenfarclas Springs - The Legend Of Speyside
Glenfarclas 30 Year Old
Glenfarclas 1977 (cask 8204) Family Cask Spring 2017 Release
Glenfarclas 10 Year Old
Glenfarclas 2009 (bottled 2016) (cask 1805) - Drinks by the Dram
Glenfarclas 21 Year Old
Glenfarclas £511.19s.0d Family Reserve
Glenfarclas 17 Year Old
- Glenfarclas 2004 Port Cask (Visitor Centre Edition)
Glenfarclas 40 Year Old
Glenfarclas Team - The Legend of Speyside
Glenfarclas 105
Glenfarclas 1997 (cask 1) Family Cask Autumn 2014 Release
Glenfarclas Heritage
Glenfarclas 18 Year Old
Glenfarclas 2004 (bottled 2015) Cask Strength Premium Edition
Glenfarclas 8 Year Old
Glenfarclas 2000 (bottled 2015) Premium Edition
Glenfarclas 12 Year Old
Glenfarclas Passion - The Legend of Speyside
Glenfarclas 15 Year Old
Glenfarclas 1987 (cask 1851) Family Cask Spring 2017 Release

Is it worth the money?

I've said I personally wouldn't pay over £200 for an alcohol advent calendar but I can 100% see the value in this. Glenfarclas are probably one of the most recognisable brands of whisky so you are not only getting familiarity but also well aged whisky with a good variety of strengths. The brand has partnered with other well known whisky companies for this advent so you may find something else you'll love.

I will be reviewing a multitude of different Calendars this year. If there are any you'd like me to review catch me on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #CalendarCountdown.

As always, thanks for reading...

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