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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Disney Animators Collection Advent // Calendar Countdown

Disney Animators Collection Advent - £24.99 

- Contains 24 figures and accessories. Including Ariel, Belle, Pocahontas and Tinker Bell.
- Artwork inside the box pulls out to create a 3D Backdrop.

How is it different to last years advent?

Last year Disney had the plush Tsum Tsum Advent. This year they've expanded to include Disney Animator. I think it's a brilliant idea as a lot of children collect this range too. It's also better to have this option as some children are more preferable of figures than plush.

Is it worth the money?

Figure packs at Disney can range from £10-£20 with on average a bundle of 5-8 figures. Here you are getting figures with animals and accessories for £24.99. In my opinion that is worth the money especially considering the figures are different to those in other collection packs. This is my favourite advent that Disney has done so far.

I will be reviewing a multitude of different Calendars this year. If there are any you'd like me to review catch me on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #CalendarCountdown.

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