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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Children's Stationery Advent Calendars // Calendar Countdown

Paw Patrol Stationery Advent Calendar - £10.00

My Little Pony Stationery Advent Calendar - £10.00

Despicable Me Stationery Advent Calendar - £10.00

Disney Princess Stationery Advent Calendar - £10.00

These advents contain puzzles erasers, mini erasers stickers and stamps

Is it worth the money?

Unfortunately no. These advents have 4 products that are duplicated with a different character and design quite a lot across the 24 days. At £10 I wouldn't pay that when I could get an art set containing crayons, pencils, paint, stickers and more for £5.

I will be reviewing a multitude of different Calendars this year. If there are any you'd like me to review catch me on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #CalendarCountdown.

As always, thanks for reading...

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