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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The 90's // Tag

Being born in 1992 I had to do this tag. The 90's for me is pure nostalgia and I actually found this tag quite tough as I had so many favourites (I was quite an indecisive kid!).

1. Favourite TV Show?
I have a lot of favourites but the show I watched again and again and I'd get up at 7:00am in the morning for was Sailor Moon. 

2. Favourite 90’s song?

Wannabe by The Spice Girls, 100% the best song to get you in a good mood or to workout to. 

3. Favourite Commercial/Advertisement?

I can't remember that many adverts from the 90's so I wouldn't say I have a favourite. But every Christmas I loved the Toys R Us advert and the McCain's Daddy or Chips advert and the Fairy Liquid ones would make me giggle.

4. Favourite Music Artist?

Spice Girls! I mean who wasn't a Spice Girls fan growing up in the 90's!? 

5. Did you collect anything back then and what did you collect?

Like every child at School I collected Pokemon Cards. That's the only thing I can remember religiously collecting with pocket money or being brought them as treats from parents and grandparents. 

6. How many Tamagotchi’s did you go through?

I think I only had one, I was quite young and I remember it died quite early on and I couldn't work the buttons well.

7. Favourite Video Game & Console?

I loved the Sega Console and my favourite game was Castle Of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse.

8. Favourite Cereal/Cereal Free Toy?

Nesquick & Pokemon Cereal but I don't remember ever getting a toy in them. My younger brother tended to get the toys out of cereals.

9. Who was your 90’s Crush Growing Up?

I only had 8 years in the 90's but I remember having a crush on Ben and Christian from A1. Looking back I was influenced by my older cousins and A1 was their favourite band.

10. What was your Favourite 90's Disney channel movie?
It would be a toss up between Cadet Kelly and Halloween town.

11. Favourite Channel? (Disney, Nick or Cartoon Network)

Disney definitely! It had such an amazing mix or TV shows and movies. I always wanted to do the wand drawing thing they did in the adverts.

12. Weirdest Fashion Trend?

The thin eyebrows! I think a lot of people have learnt from that trend but I remember having the thinnest eyebrows ever trying to emulate the celebrities I'd seen growing up.

13. What were your favourite Toys would you play with?

I had a baby doll I loved it so much! It was hard for my parents to get hold of it one Christmas so I remember being so happy. I had a buggy for it and loads of clothing and accessories. I also religiously played with Sky Dancers and collected China Dolls.

14. Favourite McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys?

Every time a Disney film was released McDonald's would have toys of the characters and I remember having ones from Pocahontas and Mulan and loving them.  

15. What was your favourite thing from the 90’s that’s no longer available today?

Lisa Frank Stationary. I had so many notebooks, folders and stickers from her ranges. Although it is still around today it isn't available like it use to be. I remember Woolworth's and WHSmith stocked it every year for Back To School. 

What do you remember from the 90's? Is there anything here you loved just as much?

As always, thanks for reading...

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