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Friday, 29 September 2017

Baby Names I Love...But Wouldn't Use // Tag

I've seen this tag going around on YouTube and I love it. I'm not pregnant and I don't plan to have children any time soon. I just thought this was a fun tag and it's been interesting watching YouTubers and reading other bloggers opinions.

Girls Names

Addison - I do really love this name and I like the shortened version "Addie". I just wouldn't use this name as it doesn't go with other names I'd like to use when I have children.
Winter - This is such a pretty name but I just see a lot of people using month or season names for their children and I think it's quite hard to pair with a middle and surname. 
James - I've seen a lot of predominantly boy names being used for girls and I think James is so pretty. I wouldn't use it as I have a boys name I'd like to use and James just doesn't fit with it
Harlow - This sounds so pretty and again it's a gender neutral name. There isn't a specific reason I wouldn't use this name, but there are names I love more and again it's trying to get the name to go with other children's names, middle and surnames.
Elodie - This is probably my favourite name out of the ones here. I wouldn't use this name as I don't like the idea of shortening it. With a lot of names I don't mind shortened versions but with this it's just so old fashioned and pretty that in my opinion it needs to be said fully.

Boys Names

Octavius - I absolutely adore this name for a boy but I think it is just a tad too old fashioned for my generation. It may be that when I come to have kids that old fashioned names are used more. For now though I just don't see a child with that name having the best school years.
Noah - Gorgeous name I just see it everywhere and I know a few people who love the name for their future kids so I wouldn't use it.
Hamilton - I love last names as boys names and this may still make its way into my top names for boys. I just think it won't fit with the other names and middles names I've picked for when I have children.
Demetri - I wouldn't use this name because it makes me think of the film Anastasia every single time. I also think it's another name that I would find hard to pair with a middle name.
Hunter - Love this name the only reason I wouldn't use it is because I have a friend who called her little boy Hunter. When she said it as an option I thought it's so lovely and suits her little boy to a tee. 

What baby names do you love but wouldn't use?

As always, thanks for reading...

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