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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Sleek Colour Correct Palette // The August Review

Sleek Colour Correct Palette

"Ace your base with Sleek Makeups New Colour Corrector Palette. Colour correcting is a pro secret for balancing and neutralising blemishes and imperfections. In essence it's the art of using different coloured concealer shades to minimise skin imperfections and counteracts discolouration, leaving you with an even base for flawless foundation application."


- Includes all the corrector colours you'd need.
- Good shades of the colours.
- Can be used on all skin types.
- Lovely consistency.
- Fantastic price.


- Doesn't work as well when applying with makeup brushes.

I was seeing colour correcting everywhere and I wasn't sure it was something I needed but after trying out this palette a few times I was quite surprised at the results. On days where my redness was at it's worse I thought adding Green was going to show through my foundation. The first time I used a foundation buffer brush and I think I blended it out too much. I decided to use a damp beauty blender instead and this is the best way I found to use a colour corrector palette. Using a brush to apply foundation mixed it with the colour corrector and either covered it or created streaks that I then buffed out and buffed off the colour corrector...oops! 

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