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Friday, 4 August 2017

Nip & Fab Kale Nourishing Shot // The August Review

Nip & Fab Kale Nourishing Shot

“Shield your skin from harmful atmospheric pollution causing dry and dull looking skin and instantly reinforce it with a cocktail of vitamins B%, C and E for healthy looking skin. Just two drops of this comforting oil provides deep nourishment with boosted defence."

My skin is usually normal to dry but for a while I was having very dull looking skin with dry patches around the jaw and neck. Nip & Fabs shots were on offer for half price so I picked this up with a few others in the hope it’ll give my skin a boost.


- Smells Lovely.
- Dropper is easy to use


- Feels quite sticky
- Has a thin consistency
- Doesn’t initially feel nourishing without mixing it in with a moisturiser.

I was torn about this product. When I apply it directly to the skin, it tightens and feels stiff rather than nourishing. When I apply it mixed into my moisturiser I don’t get that feeling but either application process benefits my skin and I wake up feel nourished. I wish that it was a little thicker in consistency because I'd think that would stop it feeling so tight against the skin.

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