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Friday, 25 August 2017

Makeup Revolution Face Precision Oval Brush // The August Review

Makeup Revolution Face Precision Oval Brush

"The design of this brush means it adapts to the shape of your face providing the most flexible movement for flawless application. Perfect for blending out contour, bronzer, blusher or finishing powder."


- Really soft.
- Easy to clean.
- Very dense texture, makes buffing foundation easy and gives a flawless application.
- Good price.
- Doesn't hold too much product in the brush.


- The application technique takes time to get use to.
- Doesn't work well around the eyes without swapping out for a smaller brush.

I had seen the original Artis Brushes come out a few years ago and thought it more a trend than an actual new technique in applying makeup. The smaller brushes for lips and eyeshadow I was sceptical at but the face ones interested me. I decided to go with the Makeup Revolution version of this style of brush as it was more affordable and I'd heard so many positive reviews.
Although it took a while for me to get use to this brush works really well. I've never had a smoother application / buffing / blend of my foundation. The only downside is that I still need to use a beauty blender around my nose and eyes as it doesn't get into those smaller areas as smooth. I think this is a brilliant brush for Halloween or Special Effects makeup as it covers a larger surface area and can be uses all over the face, neck and body. 

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