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Monday, 14 August 2017

L'Oreal 24H Matte Foundation // The August Review

L'Oreal 24H Matte Foundation

"Ultra-melting fluid emulsion perfectly glides and fuses on the skin - no cakey or dull effect. 24HR mattifying action absorbing mineral micro sponges helps to absorb excess oil."


- Mattifying.
- Perfect colour match.
- Smooth application with a beauty blender.
- Medium coverage.
- Long lasting.


- Doesn't get the same flawless finish with a makeup brush.
- Needs to be worked in as it sets matte quite quick.

I brought this as a day to day matte foundation because it advertised medium coverage with long lasting qualities. I was quite disappointed that I couldn't get a flawless coverage with my buffer brush, I kept finding it streaked around my nose and didn't blend as well into my neck. When I used a damp Beauty Blender it was easier to get that flawless base. This would be a good foundation for most skin types but I would suggest using a primer.

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