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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Barry M Metallic Lip Kit // The August Review

Barry M Metallic Lip Kit 

"In shimmering bold metallic shades, it's non-drying, ultra-long wearing formula is easy to apply and will leave lips with a gorgeously bold finish. Each kit comes with a Matte Liquid Lip Paint and Lip Liner."


- Metallic, but doesn't pick up on camera flash...perfect!
- The Lip Liner matches the Liquid Lipstick better.
- Drys faster than the Matte shades.


- Only three shades.
- Not as pigmented as the Matte shades.
- Not as long lasting as other Liquid Lipsticks.

A few months after Barry M launched the Matte Me Up shades they released 3 more in Metallic. These metallic liquid lipsticks are up and coming for a lot of brands and I was excited for this trend. I want to find a lovely metallic lip ready for Autumn / Winter as I think it suits the season. Barry M was again one that I was on the fence with. There are as many pros as there are cons but I think for people who want to try out the trend and are not too bothered about upkeep throughout the day then I'd say give it a try.

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