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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Pinterest Easter Crafts & Baking For Kids

Easter isn't the biggest celebration in the UK, I do see it being celebrated in both more religious and social ways worldwide, but I wanted to share some Easter themed activities that the kids you have or in your family can do whilst they're off school for Easter Holidays!

Easter Egg Hunt

With the weather being so lovely are you having a family barbeque? Got your friends and their kids round? Why not pick up some small Easter Eggs or Easter Treats and dot them around the garden / house and have your own Easter Egg Hunt. You could even do this if you are part of a church or play group and get the parents involved. It makes for great memories, lots of laughs and great picture opportunities. 
A Mom's Take has this amazing printable checklist for the occasion. Alternatively if it is just you and your child (or children) you could hide puzzle pieces in hollow eggs and put a puzzle together.

Easter Colouring

If you're not fortunate enough to be getting the nice weather or you are thinking of a calmer activity to do in the evenings, then why not colour? You can find so many free colouring pages on Pinterest and Google images but I especially love the ones from Crazy Little Projects.

Easter Bowling

Blow up a big punch balloon so it's egg shaped and you can bowl down chocolate status, paper daffodil statues, or paper bunny statues.

Easter Baking

Crispy nests are the staple for Easter and it's so easy. You can use either Rice Krispies, Cornflakes or broken up Shredded Wheat. Pore melted chocolate over it, mix well, pop into cake cases and before they set add some Mini Eggs on the top. Here's a recipe from Nurture Store if you wanted a step by step guide.

For teens or older children maybe try something a little more complex and different?
Fuss Free Flavours have a brilliant recipe for Creme Egg Milkshakes and Easter Fudge!

This would be fantastic if you have daughters or your daughter has her group of friends round, would go down a great treat for an Easter Sleepover!

This is very different to do, especially since fudge isn't seen as a treat kids would have a lot it's quite old fashioned. I think this would be lovely to do as a family and share over a movie night.

As always, thanks for reading...

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