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Thursday, 13 April 2017

How I Did My Easter Hampers // 2017

Last year I wrote a post about Easter Hamper Ideas and included how I put together hampers for kids in my family. So I thought I'd show what I've included in them this year and share some more ideas.
This year I've included an Easter Egg, A Small Bag Of Sweets, A Bubble Stick, A DVD, A Magazine and A Chest full of blind bags.
I have done a separate hamper for the youngest as she's only 1 and included; A Colouring Book, Crayons, Small Packets of Milk Chocolate, A Milk Chocolate Egg, A Bubble Stick and her chest has more Milk Chocolate in.

Now some will say that's a lot for Easter some will of added more it's entirely up to you. I usually would include either an Easter Egg or a Bag of sweets but with it being one of the kids Birthdays as well I decided on both. The main thing I wanted to include this year was the small chest of Blind Bags. The kids love watching youtube videos of blind bags being opened, especially out of the chests and play doh eggs so I wanted to recreate that for them. The magazine was something spur of the moment, I was trying to find colouring books but for the older three children there wasn't much for them and when I saw the magazines that again include blind bags and activities I thought that was a better option.

If you're putting together a Hamper yourself but you don't want to go down the chocolate/sweets route you could always do a Summer or Accessories hamper. These were ideas I had and thought they'd be better next year or better when all the kids are a little older. 

In a Summer Hamper you can use a Snapback Hat or cap and fill it with A Pair Of Sunglasses, maybe a Small Packet Of Sweets (or something savory?), Chapstick, Earphones, A Starbucks or Subway Gift Card, A Baseball or Nail Bits for her.
An Accessories Hamper would include items named above but for older children you can add other bits like Socks, Hair Ties, A Cool Water Bottle, A Funny Slogan T-Shirt or a pair of Sandals/Flip Flops.
You can obviously take these ideas and apply them to Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween...etc but personally I like bits like this for Easter as it's something different and if you're from a big family like me, you'll still be eating Chocolate Eggs come July!

As always, thanks for reading...

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