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Monday, 9 January 2017

Golden Globes 2017 // Fashion

There was such a 50/50 love it or hate it vibe with this year's Golden Globes. With every post like this I point out that it's black tie so black and white will always be the staple colours. This year, I was surprised to see that yellow and pink made a huge standout amongst that.
Emma Stone
Actress Emma Stone wore this stunning Valentino gown in light pink with silver star accents. As I previously said pink was very big this year and I found it complimented a lot of the celebrities. What really draw me into this is the cut of the dress. With the low V neck, the detailed spaghetti straps and train, here Emma has screamed hollywood elegance. 

Lily Collins
She stole the entire show for me. Draped in Zuhair Murad Couture, Lily Collins wore a beautiful, lace, blush pink gown. For me, Lily Collins emulates fashion like Audrey Hepburn use to and here she's contrasted with a bold red lip yet complimented the busyness of the gown by wearing her hair up. Definitely my favourite from the Golden Globes this year.

Tom Hiddleston
For the life of me, whenever I need to find who made the suit I never can. Please press, when asking "what are you wearing" don't discriminate, ask the men to! 
Tom Hiddleston always gives a gentleman vibe when attending events like this. Sporting a bit more facial hair, a white pocket handkerchief, black shirt buttons, satin lapels and shiny shoes he's taking old school hollywood and keeping it alive. I love it when men dress in this fashion with either a black tie or dickie bow. What stood out for me is the double breasted blazer as a for tall men it's easy to throw on a blazer that isn't as fitted. Again no discrimination, men can show off their figures to!

Kerry Washington
Wearing Dolce & Gabbana, Kerry stepped into the wrong dress for the night. I'm so sorry but what were Dolce & Gabbana thinking creating a design like this? If yellow was going to be a stand out colour, why make it so pastelized when spring isn't anywhere near yet? Kerry's hair and make up was stunning and in my opinion this table cloth look dress with a short side buckle was the complete wrong way to go. 

Zoe Saldana 
This two tone dress mixed the wrong shades of pink for Zoe. The actress stepped out in a ruffled Gucci nightmare tied together with a mauve satin bow. In my opinion this was probably one of the dresses I hated the most. I feel like the draping wasn't uniformed and made the train unnecessary. Bringing the ruffling under the armpit drew away from the neckline and if there was to be a bow in any form it should of been tied on the back.

Danny Glover
Again I have no indication as to who made the suit but whoever did needs to discontinue it immediately. I hate velvet with a passion and I find it strange that the fabric that will pick every hair and fibre up would be worn to a red carpet event. For me this suit looks like sofa material and it really clashes with the shiny black shoes. I also think Danny's blazer should have been double breasted as this suit looks a little like it's wearing him. Double breasting the jacket would elongate his chest and be better fitting.

So that is my top three best and worst fashions from this years Golden Globes. If there are any other red carpet events where you'd like me to review the fashion, comment below ^.^

As always, thanks for reading...

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