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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Boots Christmas Range 2016

Last couple of years I've gone through all the 3 for 2's at Boots and picked out the best for fans on No7, Soap & Glory...etc as well as categorise them into "people who love to splurge / love a bargain". 
This year I decided to pick my top 12 items for her, him, teens and foodies from the 3 for 2 and tell you how I make the most of points at Boots.

For Her

Champneys Luxury Fleece Robe - Champneys have the most comfy dressing gowns ever. At £25 this is a steal, you'd spend £35 in Marks and Spencer for the same quality.
Sanctuary Jar Of Delights - These are great for the women in your life and if you are looking for ideas for Mum, Auntie or even a couple of friends at £10 on 3 for 2 it makes a lovely gift on its own or accompaniment to a bottle of wine and chocolates in a mini hamper.
Jack Wills Bathing Gift Set - I was very surprised when I saw the price of this. For £25 you can get this gorgeously packed bathing set by Jack Wills in the scent English Velvet; a fan favourite. Nice gift to give your partner!

For Him

Gillette Flexball Proshield Gift - Gillette is probably the UK's favourite razor brand and they do a variety of different razors and handles. The flexball is suppose to make it easier for those tricky places under the chin and the curve of the neck. I think it'd be a fantastic gift for a travel enthusiast as it's compact and manual - not all countries use the same electrical output.
Salt Worth Glovebox Kit - A great gift for those men who drive a lot. I know most people will have a kit in their car, so may be an ideal gift for those who have not long passed their test.
Bulldog Beard Care Kit - As a woman, having facial hair never occurs to me so when I saw this in the 3 for 2 I wanted to included it for those men who decide to have longer beards. It'd make a brilliant stocking stuffer for a family member or friend and all the ingredients are natural so there shouldn't be any worry about irritation. 

For Teens

Soap & Glory Take Your Pink - Anything Soap & Glory is an instant love for a teen. I chose this Take Your Pink item as it includes a lovely range of minis and a shower puff. It's another gift that you could give alone or pop into a mini hamper.
Minions Soap On A Rope - I chose this because I thought it'd be an adorable stocking stuffer idea, but it's also a great gift for kids that are starting to shower and bathe themselves. I always loved having my own products (they were usually Disney Princess) and not all toiletries are targeted for boys.
Seventeen Sparkle & Shine Lip Gloss Collection - Makeup for a teen can be an obvious gift, but I loved this Seventeen set and for £6 it's a great idea if you have a daughter who wants to buy presents for her friends.

For Foodies

Food Nation Spice Carousel - I think this may be every food lovers top kitchen item. Food Nation are a wonderful brand and this spice rack is a great price, great clean design and features 6 of the most popular cooking flavours. 
Starbucks Coffee Duo - There is always that awkward couple to buy for, they may have not been together long or have been dating a while and not moved in yet. You umm and aah and don't want to tempt fate in case they split up! but I love this as a couple gift. It's simple, it'd be used (there's tea and hot chocolate variations) and it even comes with biscuits. 
Food Nation Chili Lovers Set - Guys buying for other guys isn't always easy, but I thought this would make a good gag gift as well as a good gift for men who love chili. Again by Food Nation a great brand and features a mix of sauces, oils and actual chili's.

How I Make The Most Of Points / Offers

Boots have a beauty card system where you can collect 4 points for each £1 you spend and each point is worth 1p. Throughout the year you'll receive booster coupons and offers; for example you could get 10% off skincare or get 150 points if you spend £15. Boots also have an app where you can view your beauty card account and load weekly offers onto the card so they're ready to be used at the till. When the offers come up on the app I will put all of them on my card and they are there if I need them. I will also look at the printed coupon offers I have and plan purchases according to their validity date. 
Being organised like this will help you get more points and throughout the year I actually accumulate around £50 worth. You may think oh my gosh but as a Blogger I do buy new products and sometimes will get a coupon for 50 points when you purchase it. Come Christmas I am then in a position to use my points to buy presents in the 3 for 2. I know quite a few people that do this. It's worked well for me the past couple of years but bare in mind you can only pay with points alone and cannot do part points part cash/card.

I'm not just reviewing skin care and beauty advent calendars in my Calendar Countdown. If there are any you'd like me to review catch me on Twitter or Instagram or use the hashtag #CalendarCountdown.

As always, thanks for reading...

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