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Monday, 21 November 2016

Black Friday & Christmas In Retail

Last year I posted 10 Tips, Tricks and Truths of Black Friday. This year I've decided to share some tips and truths that I have experienced working over Black Friday & Christmas in Retail. 

1) Just because the item is in Black Friday doesn't mean it won't ever be on an offer. I've had a couple of people who don't get paid till the week after and either try and get me to save an item at that price or exchange previous gifts they've brought for it. There is just no need. I can understand you want to grab a bargain but it's Christmas there are offers everywhere and you may even get another benefit like club/card points from the purchase. 

2) Black Friday is really busy but a lot of retailers have a Black Friday weekend. Some can be very short staffed so if you see a member of staff who is already helping a customer do not go barging in over their conversation, stand behind and wait your turn. There is nothing ruder than when a customer will shout at me over another "Oi, how much is this?" and after I've replied "I'll come over and help you after this customer" I'll either receive sighs and foot tapping or get a comment like "whatever" before they storm off and do the same to another staff member and customer, who is receiving service. 

3) If it's a gift then always ask for a gift receipt. A lot of people may think the same as you and pick up the same or a similar item. A gift receipt will mean they can come and exchange it for something else and saves you having to sort it out. A lot of retailers will not exchange without proof of purchase and most will not refund without the original receipt. 

4) Be aware of shop closing times, there is nothing worse than watching customers come in at 10 to closing time and them being there for nearly an hour. It's unfair, the staff have to stay back to serve you / clean up after you and they don't always get paid for it.

5) Yes I know it's a gift but if the box is a little battered and the product is fine I cannot discount it for you as the product itself works. I am sorry about that I know you'd want it to look nice but that's the policy for a lot of retailers.

6) For me this is the biggest pet peeve ever...I am wearing my coat, have my bag and my lunch in my hand don't stop me and tell me to jump on the till, to get you something from out the back or to basically be your personal shopper. I am on my lunch break and I've probably just gone over 5 hours without food or drink, repeating the same conversations on the tills or on the shop floor. I don't get paid for my lunch, it's my time to do with what I like so when I say "I'm sorry I'm on my lunch" don't then have a go at me.

7) If you are out shopping, think about what your taking, wear comfy shoes and overall don't clutter yourself when you're about to, in your mind, buy most of your Christmas presents.

8) When a product is completely sold out, don't tell me to go check out the back like I'm wrong or an idiot. At the moment the top toy for Christmas (Hatchimals) is only obtainable in the UK on seller sites like Amazon and Ebay, this is known everywhere. I don't make them, it's not my fault and quite frankly if you are going to be so rude - not my problem, don't have a go.

9) When shopping online on Black Friday and it says click and collect in so many minutes, please don't take it literally. The amount of times people come and say I did a click and collect, it said it'd be ready in (x) time and it's been 2 minutes since...that infuriates me. I don't get to chose the time in which we are suppose to have everything prepared for you and quite frankly Black Friday is so busy that retailers sometimes can fall behind. It doesn't mean we don't appreciate you've shopped with us, it doesn't mean we aren't going to help you. It's busy just please bare with.

10) And finally above all else, it's Black Friday unless your child is sick, don't bring them with you! The past few years I've seen parents bring their kids with them, just calling them in sick to school so they can be out shopping earlier till later then complaining that their with them.

Well that's all I can think of for now. Just remember when you are asking retail workers for help we will genuinely help you to the best of our abilities. But if you are rude, impatient or think we can do magic then stay home and shop online.

As always, thanks for reading...

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