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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Alcohol Advent Calendars // Calendar Countdown

With these advent calendars I couldn't find if they released any last year so I'm writing these up as new this year and going through each one to see if it's worth the price.

Chase Distillery 24 Days Of Christmas Spirit - £130

- 2 x Chase Vodka
- 2 x Chase Rhubarb Vodka
- 2 x Chase Marmalade Vodka
- 2 x Chase Smoked Vodka
- 2 x Chase Elderflower Liqueur
- 1 x Chase Blackcurrant Liqueur
- 1 x Chase Raspberry Liqueur 
- 2 x Williams GB Gin
- 2 x Williams Elegant Gin
- 2 x Williams Pink Grapefruit Gin
- 2 x Williams Seville Orange Gin
- 1 x Pococello 
- 1 x Naked Chase Apple Vodka
- 2 x Williams Chase Sloe & Mulberry Gin

Is it worth the money?

Yes & No. I think £130 is a little steep but you are getting the williams and chase brands. If you are a real spirit lover then I'd say go for it, but for people thinking this as a gift idea I'd say shop around. 

Craft Beer Advent Calendar - £74.99

- Contains Saisons, Stouts, Pilsners and Ales from companies like Two Roads Brewing Co, Magic Rock, Evil Twin and Schneider Weisse.

Is it worth the money?

I would 100% buy this & recommend this. I love the variety of different beers and all the brands that have collaborated on this. I think for a Christmas Party this would be handy to, sure you wouldn't necessarily do the advent part but you'd get a lot of variety from this.

Ginvent Advent Calendar - £124.95

- Created in collaboration with Gin Foundry this advent contains 24 30ml bespoke drams from artisan distilleries. 

Is it worth the money?

In my opinion no. Gin is one of those alcohols that most people like one way so having a variety isn't going to be the best to gift to someone like that. At £124.95 It is too steep to gift as a "give it a go" too.

Virgin Wines Advent Calendar - £69.99

- 24 187ml-200ml bottles of Wine, including a mix of red, white, prosecco and port from different world renowned wineries.

Is it worth the money?

100%, this advent is the best value out of the wine advent calendars I've seen. You get your 24 day countdown with an amazing variety of wines from worldwide wineries. If you have someone who loves wine or again if you're having a Christmas party then I'd buy this.

 What do you think of the Alcohol Advents? Do you think these are a good way of buying a variety of alcohol over Christmas?

That's it! This is my last Calendar Countdown post. I will be doing a masterlist post for people who are looking for an overview but aside from that I will now being going into Christmas Gift Guides, DIY's and lots of festive bits and pieces. You can catch me on Twitter or Instagram.

As always, thanks for reading...

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