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Monday, 3 October 2016

Black & White Comic // Pop Art // Halloween With Hannah

This year I had so many ideas for Halloween, originally I wanted to do 30 looks in 30 days but with work commitments that would of been difficult. I ended up deciding on simple looks with a couple of character ones thrown in.

To start with I will be showing you a Black & White Comic / Pop Art inspired look.

This was really easy to do. I did my base makeup as normal and then started to trace out my features (brows, lips) with a black liquid liner before filling them in. I then traced round my face, added some lines to the hollows of my cheeks, down my nose and generally where comic book characters places theirs. When that dried I added some false lashes for that comic effect and done! 

To take this to the Pop Art look, I took the end of a paint brush, dipped it into White Face Paint that was water activated and started to dot all over my face. This was quite quick to do even though I had to keep loading the end of the brush. I wanted to see how closed off the face would be by having dots under the brow, so that's why there is a difference between both photos, in my opinion having a longer face it suited without, but with added to the Pop Art effect - whatever you feel suits your face shape.

If your going out after work, university or just want to do something simple but effective I'd highly recommend doing something like this. You can add colour, do a reverse two tone or add contacts and a wig.

I'd love to see if you recreate this, use the hashtag #HalloweenWithHannah on Twitter & Instagram or feel free to comment below ^.^

As always, thanks for reading...

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