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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Decorate For Fall 2016

As Autumn rolls in we get out the thick throws, light more candles and overall make our living environment a lot more cosy. What a lot of people never necessarily did as I was growing up, was decorate for the season and that could be because we are already envisioning our decorations for Christmas or maybe because it's always been a bigger thing in America.
Over the past two years I've seen more Bloggers and YouTubers decorate for Autumn, some change the colour scheme of soft furnishings, some use lighting and others use what I call seasonal knick knacks. 
Whilst pondering through Asda I started to see some new seasonal products and fell in love with an Autumnal bedding set. I also found myself being enticed by the decorative items to go with it i.e vase, wall art, curtain hooks...etc. 
So I decided to share a few items I love...Can you tell I like Mustard Yellow?

I am loving what Asda has brought for Autumn this year and I hope they do the same going into Winter. I always buy my bedding from Asda, If you want great quality, great price and have it wash really well, I'd 100% recommend them. I've previously picked up a double duvet set, pillow cases, two sheets, curtains and a throw for under £50...that is a hell of a bargain. I've never been one for seasonal knick knacks (outside of Christmas) but I am loving the fairy lights, cushions and vases I think they're a very subtle way of decorating for Autumn.

What do you think of the items I picked? Would you go with a different colour and/or print?

As always, thanks for reading...

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  1. Ooh I didn't realise Asda did such pretty decorations! I've been dying to get some new bedding for ages...

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

    1. There is a massive Asda Living up Binley at the Warwickshire Shopping Park :) x


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