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Sunday, 11 September 2016
As Autumn rolls in we get out the thick throws, light more candles and overall make our living environment a lot more cosy. What a lot of people never necessarily did as I was growing up, was decorate for the season and that could be because we are already envisioning our decorations for Christmas or maybe because it's always been a bigger thing in America.
Over the past two years I've seen more Bloggers and YouTubers decorate for Autumn, some change the colour scheme of soft furnishings, some use lighting and others use what I call seasonal knick knacks. 
Whilst pondering through Asda I started to see some new seasonal products and fell in love with an Autumnal bedding set. I also found myself being enticed by the decorative items to go with it i.e vase, wall art, curtain hooks...etc. 
So I decided to share a few items I love...Can you tell I like Mustard Yellow?

I am loving what Asda has brought for Autumn this year and I hope they do the same going into Winter. I always buy my bedding from Asda, If you want great quality, great price and have it wash really well, I'd 100% recommend them. I've previously picked up a double duvet set, pillow cases, two sheets, curtains and a throw for under £50...that is a hell of a bargain. I've never been one for seasonal knick knacks (outside of Christmas) but I am loving the fairy lights, cushions and vases I think they're a very subtle way of decorating for Autumn.

What do you think of the items I picked? Would you go with a different colour and/or print?

As always, thanks for reading...
Sunday, 4 September 2016
It's September which means Autumn is rolling in and before we know it Winter will be here! Every year I tend to buy more clothing that is deemed Autumn / Winter as in the UK we don't really see the sun too often and trying to find long sleeved tops or jumpers in March/April can be difficult.

There are three companies that have started to release (bit by bit) their Autumn / Winter collection but so far I've fallen in love with most of the pieces I've seen. I especially love that what I've chosen are all from their Tall sections.

Starting with New Look, my go to brand for Tall...how much do you love Burgundy for this time of year? I am obsessed with the V Neck Roll Shirt and the Leather Look Skirt a really deep statement colour to have in your colour scheme. I do hope they do the V Neck shirt in Forest Green and Mustard Yellow as I think they'd look amazing with jeans. The Boxy Jumper is a steal at £7.99 and I actually felt the non tall version in store and was straight on my phone to see if they did it in Tall. I will be so cosy this year. 
I think everyone needs a Tartan shirt for this time of year and as we near to Christmas it becomes a staple festive item to have. Now the brogues are not the best footwear choice for the cold, rainy weather of the UK but I really like to pair them with thick tights when I wear skirts or dresses for social gatherings. Finally the tank tops are just for layering, sometimes you don't want to wear a t-shirt, a jumper, then a coat on top so I like to have tank tops to go under jumpers.

I've really come to like ASOS Tall over the past year but I've never tried their jeans so I included two pairs in this. The first pair are a mid-wash blue which will go so well with the shirts I've picked. The second pair are sculpting jeans which I've never tried before and a darker indigo blue which will go great with some long sleeved t-shirts I already have as well as the black turtleneck I've included in this Wish List. 
Now the White Frill Blouse is my absolute favourite item out of the whole Wish List, I think it'd look great with the New Look Burgundy Leather Look Skirt, Black tights and Brogues. If I do end up purchasing any bits from this, the blouse will be first. 
The black turtleneck is what I call a throw on item. When I go christmas gift hunting something like this is warm enough to put on with a pair of jeans when going through shopping centres so you won't have to wear a bulky coat all the way round. 
The final two pieces are actually really far out of my usual style that I did umm and aah over whether to include them. I don't wear trousers unless I am working, full stop. I get really frustrated because I don't find a top and trousers dressy enough, probably because it's basically my work uniform. With some bits and pieces I have going on later this year I wanted something that looked smart. The mustard yellow top is so me I love the colour it's really bold and I knew straight away that it wouldn't go with jeans...but the High Waisted Trousers would and I am actually tempted to give them a go and try something outside my comfort zone.

Dorothy Perkins haven't had a lot of their items out yet but these three again are what I would consider throw on items. The Black Leather Look Skirt I picked as it's a little longer than the Burgundy one from New Look and it gives another colour option with the Fashion Union Frill Blouse. The Black Fit & Flare Dress is another option for meals and social gatherings and I think it's a lovely piece to have for Christmas Parties be it with work colleagues, school/university friends or family. The Green Dress though... I am so hoping they do this is a Burgundy as well. I think they're lovely for day to day wear and going shopping. With the 3/4 length sleeves it'd keep you warm without wearing a huge coat and will look so cute.

There are all the pieces I've loved so far but we are only at the beginning of the season and I cannot wait to see what there is to still be released.

Which piece is your favourite? What is your Autumn / Winter colour scheme?

As always, thanks for reading...

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