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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette // The August Review

As I said yesterday, I brought a Highlight and Blush Palette set from Makeup Revolution to expand on my collection. If you check out yesterday's post you'll see the review for the Highlight Palette. 

The product description says...

"All blushes and highlighters you need in one package! Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Blush & Highlight Expert, contains 2x palettes with 8 pieces of blushers, 8 pieces of highlighters, 1 Blusher brush and 1 Highlight brush. So you have everything you need!"


- Lovely shades of pink. I especially love the darker shade.
- Affordable.
- Pigmented.
- Fantastic consistency.
- Blend nicely.


- Not a lot of product information.
- This palette only came as a set.

The Verdict

As I said yesterday with the Highlight Palette it's disappointing there was no shade names and barely any product information. Other than that I love this palette! I am such a pink blush person and although I don't wear a darker blush day to day, on occasion I love a shades like the last two.

What do you think of the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette? Do you prefer this to the Highlight Palette?

As always, thanks for reading...

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