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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat Shampoo & Conditioner // The August Review

My mum actually brought this as my hair care products can irritate her scalp and this advertised it will soothe the scalp amongst other qualities. A week before payday I ran out of my usual products and had to use this. I ended up being very torn with the results.

The shampoo product description says...

"We have carefully crafted this ultra-soothing blend with Rice Cream, and Oat Milk, to gently soothe and comfort sensitive scalp. Our light, creamy formula with its delicate fragrance calms sensitive scalp and reduces the feeling of itchiness. Our ultimate blend for a sensitive scalp and fragile hair with Rice Cream & Oat Milk."

The conditioner product description says...

"Our ultimate blend for fragile hair with rice cream & oat milk. nourishes, softens & protects hair. We have carefully crafted this ultra-soothing blend with Rice Cream, and Oat Milk. Hair is enveloped in protective care without being weighed down and feels beautifully silky soft, with a healthy looking shine."


- It's a good price.
- Gorgeous smell.
- The consistency of the shampoo is quite thick so it needs to be worked but overly gives a lovely lather.
- The conditioner feels thick but washes out well.
- Leaves my hair looking shiny and feeling smooth.
- It doesn't irritate my scalp.


- My hair can become really flyaway with this and if I don't use a heat protectant it's even worse.

The Verdict

Overall this is one of those love / hate relationship products. It makes my hair feel amazing but can give me quite a few flyaways. When I was able to pick up my normal hair care I used my L'Oreal shampoo and the Garnier conditioner. That kind of tamed the flyaways so I look presentable but it wasn't the result I wanted. I'm very on the fence about recommending it but if you'd like to try it for yourself I'd pick it up whilst it's on offer. 

What do you think of Garnier Ultimate Blends? Does your hair go flyaway after use?

As always, thanks for reading...

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