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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer // The August Review

I have been through quite a few brow products over the past couple of years. I knew that most people's holy grail product was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz but when I had a look at it, I felt it was too thin for me. I usually prefer a thinner pencil crayon but I am heavy handed and was scared I'd snap most of it of with each use. Last year Anastasia released the new Brow Definer which has a triangular shaped brow crayon thats twistable. It sounds really strange but it gives you a pointed tip for definition and lining with a wider part for filling in.

The product description says...

"Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer is a duo-ended wand that crafts a sumptuous pair of eyebrows effortlessly.
Gliding seamlessly across the brow, Brow Definer imparts decadent coverage and shape to the arch, ensuring that the perfect look is achieved. Formed using a triangular tip that can be used to add a solid or faded outline and definition to the brows and a soft-bristled arch brush to guarantee flawless blendability, this innovative beauty tool works tirelessly to provide an enviable effect with an enchantingly natural finish.
Full creativity and control is supplied instantly with this five-years-in-the-making beauty necessity from the genius' at Anastasia Beverly Hills, with the ability to create thin, hair-like strokes, medium strand effects and strong broad definition, crafting the perfect look for the brows.
With a sumptuously creamy formula, this revolutionary brow enhancer allows for full creative control and precision application. Available in an array of shades from neutral blonde to deep black, Brow Definer is a certified beauty essential and will make the perfect addition to any Anastasia Beverly Hills fanatic's brow collection.
Master the art of the brows with Brow Definer from the pure genius' at Anastasia Beverly Hills."


- Huge colour range.
- I love the shape.
- Long lasting.
- Comes with a brush on the other end.
- Affordable.
- The pencil isn't too soft. 



The Verdict

I love this product, it has become my go to brow pencil. I don't think I'd ever try the Brow Wiz because this just works so well for me but I am interested in the Dipbrow Pomade.
This retails at £16.00 and some may say, how is that affordable? I brought this product in November 2015 and I didn't have to repurchase until June 2016. I am using this product daily and it lasts for 7 Months. My previous pencil by Soap and Glory cost £8 and I brought one every month and a half so I do see this as cost effective in comparison.

What do you think of the Brow Definer? Do you prefer it to the Brow Wiz?

As always, thanks for reading...

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