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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Proactiv // 30 Day Skin Care Challenge // Update

Sorry this post has taken me a little longer to put together but you'll know why as you read on.

I have always had a difficulty with my skin, it'll be too dry, oily, spotty...etc and will change between each problem on a regular basis. When I started taking a combination of medications for my Ulcerative Colitis I noticed my skin getting a lot worse so I decided to do 30 day challenges on skin care products from different brands. I would then be able to take before and after pictures to track the progress the products were making and be able review them. 

Some products showed progress so I expanded them to 60 days others I had to stop using straight away but out of all of them I have never been so disappointed then when I was using Proactiv.

This is my skin before:

And this is my skin after:

The main reason I was so unhappy with the products is because I was still breaking out without the previous breakouts being completely tackled. I could feel my skin becoming smoother but the redness and spots were still there. On top of that the "hydrator" was the worst I've ever used. It was clumpy, it didn't apply smoothly or sink into the skin. After applying it would peel or roll off like a jellied face mask would.

The biggest problem I had was the company...I have never been so infuriated with a brand before.

After 2 weeks I knew the products weren't having any effect and I decided to ring the company and ask to cancel my account. With Proactiv, they send you the products like a prescription and if you don't want them you have to ring up. The girl on the phone was pleasant enough and cancelled my account and to verify I said so I won't get any products and nothing will come out of my account, which she confirmed.

Forward to the end of the month and I found a £64 transaction being taken by the company...I was livid as I had organised my finances to a T and it meant me having a difficult financial situation until it was resolved. What was even more disgusting is that I was given verbal confirmation of cancellation and yet they still accessed my account without permission which really made me feel uneasy.

I called the company (obviously infuriated) who said I have to wait for the products to arrive, then mail them back at my expense and wait up to 14 days for a refund. 

It took me speaking to them over the phone 8 times, by email twice and over Twitter to get it sorted. It was always me contacting them to get certain RAN numbers to send them back, to check they'd received them, to send a picture of my receipt to get the refund done faster and each person I spoke to could still not give an answer as to why it happened in the first place. 

Finally after 10 days I get someone to sort out the refund for me and as soon as that went through I got no apology, no answer and when I questioned them about my account as I was concerned they could just yet again access it, I got a lovely response about how I must have not known they resend products to me and take the payment and how it's my responsibility...I knew that I called to cancel, they confirmed it and went ahead and took my money anyway with no apology and the majority of their staff spoke down to me.

If you ever, EVER want to order or try products by any company that coincides with Guthy Renker I'd advise you to STAY AWAY. After complaining about the service on Twitter I found loads of people were in the same position, one person even having products sent out to them again nearly a year after cancelling their account. It is disgusting and I feel that uneasy about them having my account details that if this was to happen again I will change my bank account...something I'm still debating at the moment. 

Have you ever had to deal with Proactiv or an associated company? Are there any others you would warn others not to get involved with? Comment below.

As always, thanks for reading...

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