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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth // Product Review

In March I decided that I couldn't keep biting my nails. As previously mentioned I work in retail for a toy company and I get asked by parents all the time "what's the latest blind bag?". Having a friend who makes those kinds of videos is helpful but I do sit and watch them myself and do my own research when I noticed how much effort these people put into appearance when they aren't actually facing the camera. I take pride in looking presentable and realised that I've only had nice nails once at 16 for prom. I'd bite them right down that I don't think I ever see the whites for long and part of it is anxiety which gave me two initiatives. No anxiety crutch and nice nails.

I ventured into Boots and decided to see what there was to help, at this point I hadn't looked online I thought I'd pick one up and give it a go. Sally Hansen is a brand that every beauty lover knows whether you're into nails or not. What I didn't expect were the prices and until I spotted the Maximum Growth for under £5 I think I would have left empty handed.

Product description says:
"Daily nail growth program gives soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails added strength and support.  Silk protein reinforces fragile nails. Creates a strong foundation for healthier nails. Can be worn alone or with nail colour."

After 5 Days

After One Month

- The solution has no weird smell and isn't too potent
- Only has to be applied once every other day. 
- Doesn't "chip off" it peels.
- Found it's conditioned my cuticles too.

-Brand Price. For under £5 it's a good deal but I only wanted growth. A lot of products from the line offer a complete care, thickening or targeted at cuticle care for around £10 which I think is a little steep.

Overall I am so ecstatic with the progress of my nails and I'll definitely rate this as successful!

As always, thanks for reading... 

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