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Sunday, 24 April 2016
My cousin turned 21 this month and I wanted to create something he'd love. He isn't the biggest of drinkers but he has such a sweet-tooth so I took the Beer Can Cake idea I saw on Pinterest and put my own spin on it.
Unfortunately I didn't take that many pictures but hopefully I'll be able to give clear instructions.

What I Used

  • 3 Round Cake Boards in sizes 11", 9" and 8" (Depends how big/many tiers you'd like)
  • 6 Plastic Martini Glasses
  • Mache Letters & Numbers (Can spell out their name and/or age)
  • Blue Paint (To paint the mache numbers and letters)
  • Dry Floristry Foam Brick
  • Wooden Skewers and/or Cake Pop Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Tissue Paper
  • Tape
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Ribbon
  • Scratch Cards
  • Assortment Of Sweets (I used Rainbow Drops, Strawberry Wheels, Skittle, Banana's & Shrimp, Black Jacks & Fruit Salad, Flying Saucers and Mini Chupa Chups)
  • Cans Of Soda (But you can use beer)
  • Cellophane Bags (Small & Large)
  • Pull Bow

How I Constructed It

  • I started by lining up the cans of Pepsi on the largest cake board, I used 10 in the end. You can use a variety of tapes to stick them down but I found hot glue most effective. I put two dots on the bottom of the can so they were sturdy yet you could still take the can off with a twist.
  • I then moved onto the top tier by painting the mache letters and numbers setting them aside to dry. I measured out 8cm by 8cm on the Floristry Block and cut that out. I wrapped it in some tissue paper so it looked nicer before hot gluing it to the centre of smallest cake board. After a couple of coats of paint I stuck the letters and numbers around the edge of the cake board.
  • With the middle tier I lined up 6 plastic martini glasses and hot glued them to the board.
  • I arranged the tiers to make sure it was all ok and this is how it looked:

  • I noticed that you could see the hot glue on the bottom of the martini glasses. My original idea was to decorate it with tissue paper before seeing some picture of sweet bouquets on Pinterest. So I roughly measured out some more floristry block covered it with tissue paper and stuck it in the middle between the glasses.
  • I decided then to stick the top layer onto the glasses using hot glue so I wouldn't get any onto the sweets.
  • To bouquet style the lollipops I cut out squares of two different shades of blue tissue paper and pushed the lollipop through both. When I went to put it into the floristry block it wouldn't reach so I cut down wooden skewers and taped them to the lollipops which worked well. Be careful cutting the wooden skewers as they can splinter.
  • I used 8 lollipops between each glass and it did take some patience.
  • When it was all done I started to fill the martini glasses with some sweets putting the leftovers into small cellophane bags and sealing them.
  • Before I stuck the two top tiers onto the bottom I put the cellophane bags into the centre so once he starts taking it apart he'd find some surprises.
  • To finish the whole tower off I stuck some blue ribbon around the cans. Taped some scratch cards to cake pop sticks to put into the top tiers floristry block and wrapped the whole thing in a giant cellophane bag with a bow on the top.
  • Final note if you are transporting it make sure you bag it placed in a shallow box to make it easier to lift and carry.
I'm so happy with how it all turned out and I'm glad to say he loved his present! ^.^ I love to do little craft projects like this and with a 50th Birthday in a couple of months I may do something a little different.

As always, thanks for reading...

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