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Monday, 28 March 2016
If you've been following my Skin Care Challenge posts you'd know that so far nothing has really worked for me. Recently my skin is at its worst and I know there are other factors contributing like colitis medication but I still haven't found a product that I will keep as part of my routine.
I decided to look back on products I used in my teen years as I was always held up on getting a quick fix and didn't give products long enough to work. I remember using Clean and Clear and I was lazy with it, decided it didn't work after a week so I thought of giving it another go. I went to Boots as they had a 1/3 off the range and I purchased all the items for £10.42.

From left to right;

I'm going to be using these products for 30 days unless they irritate my skin. I know the packaging says clearer skin in 3 days but the way my skin is at the moment I won't be relying on that.
As you can see I have quite a few spots, redness, dry patches and a oily forehead and t-zone. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully I'll have a good review to post in the near future.

Have you used Clean & Clear before? How'd it work out for you?

As always, thanks for reading...
Friday, 25 March 2016
The usual for Easter is to buy Chocolate Eggs and although I will be giving you hamper ideas incorporating them, I'm also going to share some alternatives I've seen or made myself.

Earlier today I gave two types of Easter Baskets/Hampers one being for a Baby's First Easter and the others had a mix of things suitable for under 11 years old.

The Baby's First Easter Hamper included; 
A small Beanie Boo Bunny called "Twinkle Toes" from this years Easter range, A Onesie with a Bunny on, A pack of bibs with matching bunny print and I included a Mickey Mouse teething ring and Mickey & Minnie dummies as she's just coming up to two months and I thought they'd be nice "to prepare for" items.
The Kid's Mixture Hampers included;
A Colouring Book, Colouring Pencils, Two packs of Character Stickers, A packet of Star Monsters, A Minion Bubble Wand, A Creme Egg, A Kinder Egg and A small bag of Sweets.

I was so happy with how these turned out and I did make differences to some of them. Rather than a character colouring book the two oldest got an adult colouring book and each got different character stickers. I love this idea for kids as I found being in a big family they would receive a few Chocolate eggs.
Sweet Bags
I do sweet bags for Birthdays so when my cousin needed a hand for Easter I offered to do some for her. These would be a great alternative to Easter Eggs, especially if they can't have chocolate. 
Toy Hamper / Egg
This is great for a toddler who you don't want to give a lot of chocolate to. You can purchase small toys and novelty bits like bubbles and bouncy balls and hamper style them like in the images above. Although alternatively if you have a child that loves the egg opening videos on YouTube I have seen large fillable eggs in B&M.
They retailed at £3.99 and you can use the small eggs inside if you wish but I'd just use the egg and fill it with Blind Bags / Boxes and Collectibles. The YouTube videos do cover them in Play-Doh but if you're not that good with it you can always wrap it in tissue paper and tie it with an elastic band on the top.
Adults Hamper Ideas
If you're doing hampers for parents you can purchase a basket and fill it with chocolate eggs, sweets and even throw in a DVD or CD they'd like. If they are not that much of a chocolate lover then how about a tea for two hamper you could fill it with a new mug each, a selection of teas and maybe a novelty tea diffuser. There are gadget shops and places like BHS that do hamper sets all year round but they may not be as assessable last minute.

I hope these last minute ideas help you out ^.^

As always, thanks for reading...
Tuesday, 22 March 2016
With Easter being a few days away I wanted to share some craft kits & ideas I've seen whilst out and about and searching the internet.

I visited a couple of stores (Poundland & B&M'S) and a lot of them had a variety of Easter crafts. I obtained these images from their websites but a lot of businesses don't carry items in every store, especially when its seasonal so please keep that in mind.



A lot of these kits and items are so reasonably priced and a great activity to do for a couple of hours. I especially like the Easter Bonnet kit from B&M's and the paint your own bunny from Poundland.

There are many other stores like The Works, Asda Tesco and The Range who carry kits & craft items like above so don't limit yourself to the two I've picked.
Although Easter isn't as big in the UK as it is in the states I wanted to share a fun idea that gives you time with the kids (or quiet time for yourself) whilst they are off for the Easter Holidays. I was going to mix this post as an alternative to chocolate this Easter but decided to do a separate post for Thursday so keep an eye out for that ^.^

As always, thanks for reading...

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