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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Valentines Gift Ideas

For those celebrating their first Valentines Day I'd recommend "traditional gifts" i.e Bears & Mugs with World's Best Boyfriend/Girlfriend. There are many retailers like Card Factory and Clintons that do these but two specific brands I love are Me To You and Boofle.

Both brands do cater to Husband & Wife if your partner likes presents like these and both expand into stationery and homeware ranges too.

If you have been with your partner for a while then maybe your gift this year may be to pop the question? In my 2015 Valentines Gift Ideas Posts I did show a few examples of ring designs but they haven't really changed this year. So I thought about going down a quirkier route when I came across this post on Buzzfeed and thought to share as an alternative to engagement rings.
10 Alternatives To Engagement Rings You'll Actually Want
If you're not ready for that or already married then maybe some of these ideas that either I would do for a partner or I know of friends/family who have that might help;

- A surprise holiday - It doesn't have to be extravagant or abroad, just quiet time away together.
- Tickets to an event - If there's an artist or performance they'd like to see or even a season ticket to a sporting event it maybe something nice to do together.
- Merchandise of their favourite movies, artist or sporting team.
- A massive chocolate hamper - All you need is a hamper basket, cellophane gift bag, some ribbon and a whole load of chocolate. You could even do a movie, makeup, skincare or favourite items hamper.
- A Pet - If your partner has always wanted one and you're in a good place to take one on then go for it.
- Buy something named after them like a tree, star or rose.
- Alternatively you could adopt an animal in their name. WWF UK have some great packages where you get regular updates.

If you are looking just for cute things to do rather than buying a present then you could;

- Write love letters/notes and hide them around the house like a treasure hunt or hide them in their clothing pockets/bags.
- Move all the furniture out the way and dance together.
- Go for a walk/drive to see some historical sites.
- Make coupons, there are a lot of examples on Pinterest.
- Bake them something sweet.
- Have a chill night and watch some movies or binge watch a TV series.

I hope these help you ^.^

As always, thanks for reading...

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