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Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentines Cards // Paperchase

With Valentine's Day under a week away I thought I'd do another Valentines Series. For today's post rather than going through a variety of card shops I'm going to show items from one of my favourites; Paperchase.

Paperchase is both online and on the high street and the reason I love their designs for Valentines Cards is because they reflect both tradition and modern design. What I mean by this is when I look at cards, I find a lot are either overly soppy with verses and poems that it leaves you with nothing to personally write or with an over the top front and plain message inside. Paperchase has a good balance and although it's target audience may be towards the under 30's it's a great option to consider if you're still looking for a card.



Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Fiancee / Fiance / One I Love


Animal / Cute


I hope this is helpful to you & that you come to love Paperchase like I do ^.^

As always, thanks for reading...

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