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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Last Minute Date Ideas & What I Have Planned For Valentines

Valentine's Day is tomorrow! Have you got anything planned? If not, hopefully this post will help you and if you already have plans I'd love to know how your Valentine's Day went ^.^

Getting right into it Idea 1; Call around restaurants you like and see if you can still get a booking or if there has been any cancellations. To be honest this is a long shot but it's worth a try if you'd like a nice meal out together.

Idea 2; Get takeaway and spend the evening in. This is just super easy and great if you have spent most of the week working and just want to veg out on the sofa.

Idea 3; Pack a picnic. Weather permitting, this is lovely to do and really simple. You don't even have to pack a lunch you can buy one to go and go on a nature hike or find somewhere to lounge for a couple of hours and just relax.

Idea 4; Build a fort! This is probably the most fun, set up a den, put a film on your laptop and take loads of pics doing so. Creates a great memory ^.^

Idea 5; Think outside the box, if you don't do activities like paintballing, laser quest, bowling..etc a lot and like to spend some time doing that.

Idea 6; Read to each other. It sounds really bizarre if you're not a book lover but taking it in turns to read a new book or a book you both love to each other is really sweet.

Idea 7; Cook together. Make your own pizza or fajitas...etc night is great fun.

Idea 8; If your partner hasn't seen their family for a while and you can visit them in the day that would be a lovely thing to do. Especially if they're close.

Idea 9; Go shopping and spoil yourselves. You may even use it as an opportunity to buy something for each other.

Idea 10; If you have snow where you are then why not have a snow day. It's not been the best weather where I am but make the most of it, take some pictures and spend the day in a different setting without having to venture too far.

This Valentines Day I will do what I always do, have a pamper day and watch lots of rom-coms. Hope you have a lovely Valentines!

As always, thanks for reading...

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