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Sunday, 14 February 2016

BAFTAS 2016 // Fashion

Kate Winslet
Wearing this stunning black gown by Antonio Berardi, Kate was definitely the standout of the night. The one shouldered gown with the unusual side cut to reflect a sense of cleavage is simple and effective and the way it fits well from the waist to the bottom of the hips shows off her figure beautifully.
Michael Fassbender
I have tried to find who he is wearing this evening but in a similar fashion to last year a lot of the men are not asked who they are wearing (A question that needs to be asked as equally in my opinion). I have said before it's hard to describe why one suit looks more fashionable than another and in this case it is the detailing. The Matt black suit with a subtle shine to the lapels and dickie bow go lovely with the white pocket detailing and shirt.
Emilia Clarke
Stunning! Emilia is wearing a gorgeous Victoria Beckham gown with amazing double strap shoulder. Paired with a low V Neck accentuates and elongates her figure perfectly.
Jim Chapman
One of the newest faces of Burberry wore this lovely dark navy suit that I unfortunately can't find who it was made by. As a throwback to last years fashion, the black lapels with black button detailing hasn't yet caught on as a trend like I thought it would but it does complement this suit well. Also; as a tall person myself I know how hard it it to find something as well fitting and this isn't baggy or over-sized at all.
Dakota Johnson
Wearing a Dior dress, Dakota I feel didn't wear something that stood out well for her. The dress itself doesn't give her any shape past the cleavage and it isn't very uniform with the frills. I'm not overly fond of spaghetti straps for her, being so petite, this isn't what I would have picked for her and I'm afraid didn't work at all.
John Boyega
Wearing a Giorgio Armani suit...I'm sorry John but this is a disaster. If you've read any of my red carpet fashion posts before I am not a fan of velvet, especially when it comes to men's suit jackets. The problem I have though is the muted trousers with a suit jacket that has shiny lapels and dickie bow...There is no matching or subtle conflicting detailing that works. I was also very confused to think it was black but when I saw him present saw it was brown...Please stay away from velvet sweetie!
Antonia Thomas
The Misfits actress stood out in all the right ways and I am gutted I can't find the designer of this dress as I want it myself! This beautiful floor length black gown I can see is actually cut to be a bandeau style dress and they have layered some gorgeous lace/beading to create a halter neck. Very misleading and yet so effective.
Matt Smith
You cannot see in this image but Matt's suit jacket has this subtle ribbed detailing to it which gives it a lovely sense of texture. I love how it's been paired with the white handkerchief in the pocket and only has one button on the jacket. Previous fashion's from Matt has always had something conflicting that didn't work but here it paid of nicely.
Gemma Chan
I'm very on the fence about this dress by Jenny Packham who I love but it's very out there for me. I feel as if the detailing/pattern is overbearing and the cut, especially on Gemma gives no definition past the waist. It looks as if it drops from the waist down and having such a lovely frame where her hips aren't as wide it seems to bag over her from that point down...What do you think?
Leonardo DiCaprio
This man has been to his fair share of award shows, always busy and he never seems to stray away from the Classic Hollywood look which I love. The slicked back hair, dark navy suit, which has a small pattern to the jacket which you'd otherwise miss without being up close (wouldn't mind that). Again I see the black button detailing, lapels and dickie bow that tie in together to complement the navy beautifully.
Julianne Moore
I wasn't overly in love with her dress last year, but this Giorgio Armarni (from the Prive line I think?) dress is smashing. I don't think you could ever go wrong with black and white and although I personally don't like a full on white dress because I spill everything, this lady who has a lot more class really pulls it off. Again not a fan of velvet but the black draped tie down the back and the black cape that goes with it really screams Marilyn Monroe in a halter dress to me. And on another note, I love the fact she went with an updo as it adds to the elongated feel shes giving off.
Douglas Booth
Last year I was very disappointed in the pastel velvet jacket he wore but this year he's really pulled it off. I would say he was the best dressed male for me tonight. I love the shiny shoes and lapels. The dickie bow is a little on the oversized side but one buttoned jacket with the turned up sleeves and white handkerchief is flawless.

So that is just some of the fashion's I picked out of tonight's BAFTA's awards. If there was anyone else you feel needed discussing please feel free to comment below I'd love to know what you thought of the evening.

As always, thanks for reading...

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