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Friday, 1 January 2016

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

I had very high hopes for 2015 which didn't really last long due to a Colitis Flare...This year will be a huge step in the right direction so I thought I'd share with you what I want from 2016.


I have my wonderful Erin Condren which I use almost daily, but I found the way I've organised other aspects of my life aren't as efficient as they could be so I will be changing my room a little bit, scrapbooking everything I've done in 2015 so I can store tickets...etc, sorting out my hard drive and start packing my bag the day before. 

Better Skin

My skin has not been the best recently which you will have seen with my 30 day challenges and I realised that it may be the way im cleansing and not the products themselves so as of today I purchased the No 7 Cleansing Brush with an update on that to come soon.


After my Colitis Flare I stopped going to the gym as frequent to stopping all together so I want to get back into the swing so I can feel fitter, be healthier and ultimately be happier.


I see a dietitian this month as some foods can really upset my Colitis and I find it difficult to try new foods or eat outside my comfort zone. I also want to eat less takeaway / chuck in meals as I found I would rather eat something quick most days after work and that ended up being a microwave meal or pizza.


I want to update more and create different content. I previously explained that I love so many different things and it may seem a little mish-mash on here but hopefully by the end of January I'll have something down. I will be updating the layout of the blog on Sunday and will create some posts for January but I won't be updating as frequent this month as I want a little down time after a hectic December.

Self Care

I have been told that I take on more than I should in some aspects so I need to learn to say no more and put myself first. I became very very stressed at a few points this year and I found myself unhappy and low and generally in a fed up mood which I don't want to happen as often.


I want this year to be the year I start a career rather than work odd jobs all year and really find my feet so I can save up a little nest egg.

I'd love to know what you decided on being a resolution / goal this year!

As always, thanks for reading...

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