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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Last Minute Ideas // Holidays With Hannah

Today is the 22nd December...only two days till Christmas! If you still have loads to buy here are a couple of last minute ideas.

Gift Cards

Tesco is brilliant for this as they stock a whole host of branded gift cards from Restaurants to Apple to Clothing Stores. These are easy to pick up if you still have food shopping to do and you can gift them in a unique way.

Treat Hamper

This doesn't necessarily have to be a hamper either. Go to your local shop and pick up all the sweet things they like, add alcohol or even flowers if your local shop has them and put them all into a gift bag / hamper bag. You can do this with baking supplies or even do a goodie-bag of Christmas Scratch cards.

Gifting Money

Two unique ways to gift money are by putting it in a balloon with confetti to pop! or you can be crafty and make a little tree. Another idea is to make a scavenger out of it and hide the money somewhere in the house.
Gingerbread House
If you are good at baking why not make your own gingerbread and cut it into houses pieces for your friend to decorate and put together. You could easily buy a kit but this just a way to make it extra special.

Orange Wreath

This is something fun to do for your parent or grandparent, just buy a roll of cellophane, cut one long length off, place and tie in oranges then shape it into a wreath.

DIY Candle

Take a sheet of wax paper and either draw or print and image onto it. Then wrap it around the candle and apply heat until it melts into the candle. I would suggest cutting around the image rather than covering the whole candle in the sheet as pictured. Makes it quicker and simpler to do.

Emergency Frame

Take a box frame and fill it with sweets or chocolate and write or put letter stickers on the front with a message like the one pictured. Again if you have food shopping to do you can pick up a frame and sweets easily.

Cup Of Treats

Have a Starbucks addicted fan? If you pop into your local you'll find loads of cups and mugs like the one pictured which you could fill with Starbucks treats or others that they'd like.

Cocoa Tubes

Hobbycraft and most craft stores stock these adorable plastic tubes in the homeware and sometimes craft section to which you could fill with hot chocolate. Fill one with cocoa powder, another with marshmallows...etc then tie them together with some festive ribbon.

As always, thanks for reading...

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