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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

5 Things I Feel You Must Do At Christmas // Holidays With Hannah

This is just a quick post as I was very unsure what to do and after shopping with my mum, getting some jobs done, helping out a friend and squeezing the new Star Wars Movie in, I was sitting here still stumped for ideas. Then it hit me; every Christmas I have my own traditions and routines but there are 5 things I feel you have to do every Christmas.

1) Take photos - It's great to have memories to look back on and it makes you feel nostalgic when you compare your technology now to what will come in the future.

2) Don't let anyone be alone - This is something my Mum instilled in me. Across the UK there are so many people alone over the holidays and if you know someone who is and can be their company, they won't forget it. We always end up having a full house over the holidays and it again creates the best memories.

3) Finish your advent calendar! - I say this as I never finish mine and I know a lot of people who eat the last few bits over new years.

4) Keep the magic - Whether you are told about Santa or not still keep it up in front of young family members or in public. Little ears hear everything, keeping that magic alive and watching their faces is priceless.

5) Relax - The day is here, there's nothing more to do and the next one is a whole year away so enjoy it.

As always, thanks for reading...

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