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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Top Ten Shopping Tips & Tricks // Holidays With Hannah

With Christmas coming I decided to share my Top Ten Shopping Tips & Tricks with an Online version being posted tomorrow. These just help me keep organised and as calm as possible, with the busy season it can be stressful.

1) Start as early as you can, I can't do crowds well so I always have a date where I try to get all my "in the shop" shopping done by and this year I hope to be done by the second week of November so I have a few weeks to get any last bits online.

2) Make a list and stick to it. I always make sure I put a limit on spending as it helps to stop me from buying too many novelty bits and clothing. 

3) If you are going window shopping to get ideas, do some research either online or have a look through any catalogues you may have to give yourself a general idea of what stores have what.

4) I pay by cash in certain shops where I know I could go overboard and this also helps keep track of what I spend.

5) In the UK there has been a new law which means you have to pay 5p for a plastic bag. In my opinion I think this is a great idea as it will cut down on the amount of plastic bags that go to waste. With this my tip would be to have reusable bags, not only are you not paying for plastic bags but you are also able to distribute your shopping load and be more aware of what you're purchasing.

6) If you don't already use a small bag I would suggest changing over to one. I have a small shoulder bag that fits my keys, purse, phone & lists. Taking your bag with items you wont need or use just gives you more to carry. Plus a shoulder bag keeps both hands free.

7) Set a time limit of how long you want to be out and whether you'll be eating whilst out. There's nothing worse than shopping when hungry.

8) Read all signs and labels carefully, sometimes items get placed on shelves or it has been known for customers to peel off stickers and put them on other items to try and get it cheaper. If unsure ask one of the workers or take it to the till to check. If you decided to take it to the till and its a busy day with long lines use your phone to see if the price is on their website.

9) If you are having a big shopping trip and decided to drive in then you have the option to take bags back to the car. If you are using public transport or walking then purchase the bigger item(s) last.

10) Finally ask about return policies and if you are unsure on the item get a gift receipt. In most stores a gift receipt is exchange only though some let you put the balance on a gift card.

I've worked in retail since I was 16 and for me I find I stay happier both whilst working and as a consumer when I interact with people. I will always ask how the person serving me is and it makes the transaction seem quicker, more positive and I find that they may give me a good idea as a lot will generally ask if you have found everything you need.

If you go into the day knowing it's going to be stressful then you'll be tense and won't be able to concentrate and find yourself rushing.

Hope these help ^.^ As always I'm on Twitter & Instagram.

As always, thanks for reading...

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