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Friday, 6 November 2015

Top Ten Online Shopping Tips & Tricks // Holidays With Hannah

As a follow on from yesterdays post, my Top Ten Online Shopping Tips & Tricks!

1) Make sure you have up to date and well researched security software on your laptop, computer or tablet. You don't want any of your details stolen.

2) Websites that you haven't heard of before or are unsure of, trust your gut but there are ways to make sure a site is safe. There are no pop-up ads, no unsolicited email, the site has a physical address and phone number (which you could call beforehand), Credit Cards & PayPal are accepted methods of payment, the site has a privacy statement and before inputting any details check that the site is enabled and encrypted for online safety (you'll know this by having a closed padlock symbol featured before the web address).  

3) If the prices's are too low to believe, then they are. Make sure you are buying that item and not anything like a dupe of it. So read the product description carefully!

4) If you are looking at a website that's new to you and you believe its legit, I usually double check with social media. A lot of companies use it to their advantage so have a look and see if they have a Facebook or Twitter.

5) When ordering online and you know you may not be in for the delivery, ask your neighbour if they wouldn't mind taking the parcel for you and offer to do the same for them.

6) Like with going out shopping make a list, stick to it and keep track of how much you've spent for each transaction.

7) Print out / Write down the order confirmation number just in case anything happens (e.g lost parcel or late delivery).

8) If you are still unsure about a gift and you don't have long until Christmas, many retailers do Gift Cards online where you can print out the information or get it sent in the post.

9) If you have two websites that sell the same product but for say £1 you can track online I would always take that option. Companies like The Disney Store will send you an email when your order is out for delivery and then a separate email with the courier's details which I find really handy and reassuring.

10) Lastly take advantage of discount codes, websites such as VoucherCodes and MoneySupermarket can give you a code for free delivery or 20% off which is a bonus! Remember they won't work all the time as they can expire and some can only be used on certain items.

Hope these help you, as an extra tip go to your bank and ask if they offer anything to help with online security. If you can use credit cards that would be better as it won't disrupt your debit account and lastly when in doubt trust your gut!

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