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Monday, 16 November 2015

Christmas Preparations // Holidays With Hannah

I posted some Christmas Organisation tips two years ago which you can find here, but that was primarily a way to keep it all in a book so I thought I'd expand on it in this post.
I am very organised especially when it comes to Christmas and I always want it to be perfect so I have my own way of getting Christmas done which I'll share with you.

I actually start buying Birthday presents & cards for the following months in September as everything starts to become about Halloween & Christmas. Then I'll start brainstorming ideas, make some lists and bookmark ideas online. Around the end of September I'll make space for presents and have a general clear out at the same time. 

Then the present buying starts as I find the deals begin and you can get some brilliant bits in the October Half Term. This will carry on until the Christmas Sections come out and then I'll be able to pick up decorations, cards, gift wrap...etc and I will generally be done by the end of November. The decorations go up, my bedding will change over and I like to buy new pillows and a duvet so I'm extra cosy!
I will then start wrapping over December as it gives me a chance to see everything and order any last minute bits online as I generally can't do the Christmas crowds...then I'm ready for Christmas Day. 

So that's basically how I prepare for Christmas but here are some extra tips:

- As I've already said; I will have a book with everything in, and I will split it into sections like; card list, present list, present brainstorming, product line release dates...etc. I generally like to buy one with pages that can be ripped out in case I change my mind about an idea or make a shopping list.

- I make space before I start buying as there's nothing more frustrating than having everything on your bedroom floor.

- Before I pack everything away I make a list on my laptop of what I have so I know what I need to buy the following year.

- Tape Dispensers will be your best friend, invest in one! Poundland do one with 8 extra rolls of tape.

- Stock up on wrapping supplies as you can never have enough and always save for the following year.

- Remember that online shopping is fantastic but if you are not in when the package is delivered you'll be taking a trip to the sorting office anyways. For situations like that then I'd Click & Collect it, if that option is available.

- Christmas Tree bags and other Christmas storage bags are a brilliant way of keeping everything neat, clean and safe.

- Read as many Christmas Hacks as you can, there are some brilliants ways to keep lights from tangling, store ornaments...etc. I personally love one I found on Buzzfeed which you can click here to see.

- Stock up on batteries! even before you start buying presents, there's nothing worse than finding them missing from your remote on Christmas day! 

- And finally have fun, it's Christmas! Get the movies on TV, put on your playlist or have cosy nights in with some hot chocolate. It doesn't always have to be a mad rush.

I'd love it if you have any tips to share, please leave a comment below or you can find me on Twitter & Instagram ^.^

As always, thanks for reading...

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