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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Putting Together A Christmas Eve Box // Holidays With Hannah

I wrote a post about how to do these last year (which you can click here to see) but this year I wanted to show you how I do my own.

What I Used

From left to right: Christmas Activity Pack, Bag of Chocolate Coins, A Chocolate Santa, A DVD, Some Tissue Paper, A Gift Box & A Pair of PJ'S.

Step One: Build The Box

I brought these flat pack boxes from Card Factory and they were fantastic value for money.

Step Two: Add The PJ's

I bought these at Asda and placed them in the box with a sheet of tissue paper.

Step Three: Add Everything Else

The activity packs I bought were actually a little too big so I had to bend them in a little bit

Step Four: Add the lid with tag & you are done!

I've made these for the kids in my family and I'm really hoping they like them. If you have made your own I'd love to know how and what you've included! I'm on Twitter & Instagram just use the hashtag #HolidaysWithHannah.

As always, thanks for reading..

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