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Monday, 30 November 2015
With this gift guide I decided to pick 5 areas for Teens & Siblings as around that age they usually like money/vouchers to go shopping themselves. There will be three gifts in each area and a set for girls and boys.

I would love to know what you are getting up to this Christmas, if you've brought anything you've seen on here, excited to share present, makeup or decoration ideas or anything Christmassy! Message me on Twitter or Instagram or use the hashtag #HolidaysWithHannah.

As a disclaimer; I have posted links with an idea to where you can get the item(s) but it's not because that's the best price or that I'm being sponsored. I wanted to reflect all different retailers so randomly chose an item from one place, one from another and so on. Please remember prices are subjective to change which is why I haven't included them.

Beauty / Skincare

Soap & Glory Belle Of The Ball
This is a perfect gift for someone getting into skincare. It comes with a Body Wash, Body Scrub, Hand Cream, Body Polisher and a Bath Pouf. They all have such sweet scents that linger making it perfect for those still in school as most won't allow perfume. The packaging is so cute as well all you'll need to do if pop it in a gift bag, bonus!

I again picked these for those getting into skincare but might not be as adventurous. These Bath Fizzers have a lovely scent but not as lingering as the Soap & Glory set, these are more for making the skin nice and smooth. This is an exclusive scent for Christmas and it's definitely on my list this year.

Benefits No 1 Selection Box
This is the most perfect gift to give to a budding beauty lover. Benefit is one of those brands that does the best quality products for, quite high prices to a teenager. A box of samples like this lasts ages and it includes all of the best sellers of the brand. I especially love the fact you get the They're Real Mascara and the High Beam Highlighter.

Clothing / Accessories

Burgundy Faux Fur Hooded Gilet
I fell in love with this when I saw it and thought of my own friends who are in their teenage years. It's such a winter colour  and the fur hood and lining is so soft. I wanted to pick a coat but items like that for teens are tricky and thought this was a great alternative.

Polka Dot Brush Set
This is a great stocking stuffer, especially if the recipient has long hair. It's got a lovely polka dot design, the sizes of the brushes are great quality and comes with accessories.

Tan Suede Fringe Side Duffle Bag
This is a think forward gift. I think it'd be lovely for the Spring/Summer and gives her an accessory to build a look around. It's very simple and would be great to use as an outing bag or for lighter items. I wouldn't use it as a school bag because the material and size isn't right.


iMusic Pillow
Fantastic for a music lover. I tried one of these in a gadget shop and thought the music would be too loud but it isn't at all. You don't necessarily have to use it for music either, audio books would be heard just as clearly.

This is the handiest thing especially for a teenager. It charges phones, iPods, Tablets and Cameras. Great gadget for concert goes and adventure seekers! Or those who use their phone a little too much...

Amazing for girls nights and parties. Not only perfect because it's chocolate but for social butterflies that have friends round a lot or for after events parties this is lovely for them to have.

Experience Days

I went with meerkats because they are the most popular but this would be brilliant with any animal. For the budding zoologist or if she has an animal obesseion an experience like this is priceless. Ones like this involve feeding, pictures and a general meeting with animal that you may not experience anywhere else.

Vintage Afternoon Tea Bus For 2
I chose this for an older teen, or one who is a little older in taste. This is just a lovely way to get around London, see the sites and have afternoon tea at the same time. This would be lovely from a mum or auntie to spend some quality time together.

One Night Bell Tent Glamping For 2
Great to gift for her and her best friend. Glamping is Glam Camping and for the girls who like the outdoors this is a whole new experience. There are many like this that include one day, a couple of days or different tents so there is a lot of choice.

Christmas / Novelty

Definitely a girly Christmas jumper she'll love. This is something a lot of girls will feel is true and it's just a fun gift to give and have them wear over the festive day.

This is just a fun festive stocking stuffer and a bit of a giggle if she takes a lot of selfies! Would make for great pictures to look back on.

Novelty Christmas Pillow
This is great to gift early if she decorates her room over Christmas or to use next year if she wants to start. I love the expression on the dogs face as well, it makes me laugh. There are many designs but this was my favourtie. 


I know a lot of guys don't ask for skincare items but this has all the basic, necessary items that he wouldn't need anything else. This is for the body so you can always pair it with a facial skincare if you'd like. This is the Lynx Black fragrance but there are others to choose from.

This is for the older teen and is a great travel accessory if he likes to go away. This is also perfect if he's starting to look at universities and needs a travel size lot of toiletries. I chose dove as it isn't always picked by men but just as good as other leading brands. And the body wash doubles as a facial wash too! 

I love this scent. It's not over bearing and a great starter set to the boys who need a little direction in that area. Lovely size and great to put in his stocking.

Clothing / Accessories

I love Hollister, everything from there just smells amazing. I picked this for the guy who doesn't want to look like he's trying hard yet likes his brands. Hollister is very popular for 14+ and a plain sweater like this makes a great gift and you don't have to worry too much about patterns.

This was picked for 14+ teens again.  A great bag for gym kit, P.E kit or any kind of sporting team they are part of. Comes in handy for travelling too. This design is very understated yet older so it blends well and isn't considered embarrassing. 

For any age but picked this pair to show the type of print that would be great for teen guys. Items like this aren't always picked but it goes to show they come in handy, especially over the winter months!


Great for teens off to uni or that spend their summers travelling and even more perfect for younger siblings that get bored easily on rainy days.

My Scratch Map

If you know a lad who loves to travel this is a great way for him to track where he's gone and where he wants to go. It's light enough to display on the wall or comes rolled in a cardboard tube making it easy to store.

Elgento Candy Catcher

This is in a similar fashion to the fondue set I included in the girls gadgets, brilliant for his room to keep in sweets/treats and great if he has the boys round a lot.

Experience Days

Perfect for gamers. I love this idea, would never do it myself but I know my brother would love it. If you buy an experience with friends it's even better they can share some guy time and create great memories before they split for University.

I picked this for younger teen boys. I think it'd be something that would interest them at that more curious age. It also makes a great bonus day in London! It is set up by the company so there is no specific layout as it always changes making it that more surprising.

London Ghost Tour Bus For 2
In a similar experience to the Zombie Survival, a great gift for a group of friends/family but a lot less active if the Zombie one isn't their cup of tea. If they are into history you'll get a lot of that along the way too.

Christmas / Novelty

Men's Festive Socks
A fun festive stocking stuffer. I chose this because everyone gets socks at Christmas even the boys so why not give them some festive ones?

I chose this because I see them everywhere around Christmas and I think they are so hilarious and still keep the face very warm. There are many designs but I chose this one as I like the ears on them.

Mens Fair Isle Jumper
Buying a jumper for a teen boy is probably the hardest as they don't want anything too much or embarrassing which is why I chose this. The colour scheme is festive but very neutral and isn't as bright. The design is also bold enough you know it's a Christmas jumper but not too much so that they wouldn't wear it again after.

As always, thanks for reading...
Friday, 27 November 2015
This is a gift guide for Fathers! I hope you'll be able to find something to gift within this ^.^

I would love to know what you are getting up to this Christmas, if you've brought anything you've seen on here, excited to share present, makeup or decoration ideas or anything Christmassy! Message me on Twitter or Instagram or use the hashtag #HolidaysWithHannah.

As a disclaimer; I have posted links with an idea to where you can get the item(s) but it's not because that's the best price or that I'm being sponsored. I wanted to reflect all different retailers so randomly chose an item from one place, one from another and so on. Please remember prices are subjective to change which is why I haven't included them.


I will admit I am unsure how to describe men's fragrance as they either smell like wood, cleaning supplies or spicy. This smells really nice it isn't too harsh and it smells how you'd imagine a blue liquid to smell if that makes any sense? The reason I picked this is because Beckham is a Dad and actually has a lot of input into his fragrances so I reckon he'd make something for the majority that would be great for day to day use. 

I picked this out because it's one of my dad's favourites and I found throughout the years that my friends buy them for their dads too. It's one of those all round sets that are fantastic for nights out and business meetings.

This is something a little out of the box. In my opinion it's quite a strong scent for dad's but I wanted to give an alternative and reflect different tastes. It is on the pricier side but I think that it makes a good gift for Christmas, especially as it has a lovely, bold and yet simple design.

Body / Skincare

Men don't overly think about whether their skin is too oily or dry but the majority of the time it is the latter according to online studies. Which is why I picked this set from Clinique as the reviews about its moisturising qualities are amazing and I think it's a good starter set to gift to your dad. It comes with A Face Wash, Scrub, Moisturising Lotion & Eye Cream.

Nivea is very similar to Dove in the sense it's a basic set that works well and fast. A shaving set is a brilliant stocking stuffer. This set includes a Shower Gel, Shaving Foam & Post Shave Balm. This also comes in travel sizes if your dad works away a lot.

If the Clinique set isn't what you were after there is this Baylis & Harding Set which comes with a wash bag as well as a Hair & Body Wash, Shower Gel, Post Shave Balm & Soap. I know that skincare isn't always the root to go so I picked this as a body care alternative that would be just as nourishing.


This is a lovely idea if your dad has facial hair so they can keep it lovely and trim. I picked this one over other brands as most men seem to buy Philips products and it isn't an overly expensive brand. Also this one comes with a lot of accessories so there would be something to fit him well.

As I explained in the Mother Days Gift Guide, a toothbrush isn't seen as something you'd buy yourself as an extravagant gift and I decided to give a travel option in case your dad works away a lot or you all travel as a family. I love the fact Colgate created something like this, the brand is fantastic and I think their incorporation of a USB charging port is a great bonus.

A lot of Dad's work out or try to keep as fit as possible so I decided to include the Fitbit, this is a wristband that tracks steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, hours slept and even the quality of sleep. I think for a busy dad on the go this is great, being gifted by an older child shows the fact you do care about their health and makes a lovely gift for under the tree.


A coat is a very personal thing but I picked this one as the colour and style would suit most men. I also think it's very in style and not too out there for them as some Dads don't get the trends. I really like the pocket detailing on this and the length is just right.

This shirt is made out of a fabric you'd never need to iron! That's amazing and just the thing dad's want. Again it's perfect for those dad's that travel for work a lot and it's great for those who don't have to iron his shirts! There are many different styles but I went with a classic white with some lovely button detailing that blends right into the shirt.

I don't think your dad would think about buying himself a new dressing gown at all and that's why I included it. It's winter, it's cold and it's just a lovely form of comfort on their days off. The Champneys one is part of a luxury spa line that is super soft, easy to clean and a great length.


If your dad has a work space in the shed or garage / his own man cave then why not get them a personalised sign like the one pictured above. I think this is a handy, fun gift to give your dad and it would be lovely if it included your name too if the work room is where you and your dad share a hobby.

This is a brilliant personal stocking filler, all ready for after Christmas dinner. This would need to be gifted by an older relative but I think it's nice if you got a couple to share between you or save for New Years. There are also wine versions of this if he prefers wine.

The No 1 Dad socks are another stocking filler but that can come from a younger relative as they couldn't gift the beer. I love fun socks and it's a nice add to the wardrobe as not many people see them but you know you're wearing them.


This is for those dad's who are cheese lovers! I love the fact it can be personalised too so you could write something like "Dad's Cheese Board Proceed With Caution". It's slate so it mixes into any kitchen design / dinner set and is easy to clean.

If your dad love spicy food then this hamper is for him! I picked this as I feel a lot of dad's want to be able to take on a challenge especially if it's a food challenge and this has an array of hot and spicy food's to try. It also includes the wicked basket which is a lovely bonus.

I included this for those dad's that don't like coffee and I feel the monkey makes it such a fun item to gift your dad perfect for his stocking.


This gift is for big kids that like their gadgets. Now this is actually classed as a toy rather than a gadget but it is for over 12 years as it's finicky to control. I think dad's would get a kick out of this it's something that requires calm and control and a lovely thing to gift to someone in the form of something exciting. I definitely think this would be a brilliant gift for dad's this Christmas.

Perfect for book readers! I actually included this as my mum always complains about the light being so bright when my dad reads in bed so this is a helpful little gadget for you to gift if you find that's the situation in your home too. I also think it's perfect to be kept with him if your dad likes to sit and wait in the car for you when out and about. 

This is like the ultimate stocking stuffer for Dad's this year. It's a pen that's a stylus, ruler, screwdriver and it's Batman. I think a gift like this is just the ultimate on hand item dad's would love which is why I recommended it in this post. It'd be great to actually get two so they can keep one at work!


Just going to round these up a little differently, I picked watches as I felt gifting your dad jewellery could be difficult. The Armani watch is for a younger dad mainly because the face is great looking but with a little harsh and complex design. The Citizen watch is for the dad who works a lot as it makes a practical, fashionable accessory. Finally the last watch is for the older dad, with the brown leather strap watch it won't be to restraining on his wrists yet really in fashion at the moment.

Novelty / Christmas

These are just a funny novelty gift that I think dad's would joke more about in comparison to the reindeer slippers I added to the Mothers Christmas Gift Guide. They are really warm, comfy and be such a funny joke that your dad will love them.

Like with the Mother Gift Guide I included a jumper in case your family gift them as a tradition each year or wear them for dinner and I found this perfect for Dad's who are big kids and the fact that the next Star Wars Movie is out over Christmas makes it that little more perfect.

Again this is just a funny novelty item for Christmas and if you buy a bottle of wine for your dad this year just add it on as a giggle! There are also ones like an elf costume and "ugly Christmas sweater".

Out Of The Box

A great gift for a dad who likes to garden but doesn't get a lot of time to do it. It's very small and compact and gives your dad a new hobby. This does comes with some seeds but any that create a small amount of veg would work. 

This is very pricey but an idea for the dad that's very technologically savvy. It's the newest model and comes with a whole host of advantages to people getting into technology too but for dad's it will be a great way to keep organised, store photos and connect with people through social media apps.

For the dad's that like an adrenaline rush this is the perfect gift. Not only does your dad get a go in a fast super car but also gets a picture to remember the day. This is a lovely family day out too and get to see your dad have a lovely time. 

As always, thanks for reading...
Thursday, 26 November 2015
In my Children's Gift Guide I mentioned that the gift guides would be a little different this year. Instead of finding loads of items and grouping them together, I have 10 different gift areas which will have three options and why I think they'd make good gifts. I found that I never gave a reason as to why I picked it. The only exception being the Children's Guide as there are so many areas and I couldn't condense it to a point I was happy with. 

As a disclaimer; I have posted links with an idea to where you can get the item(s) but it's not because that's the best price or that I'm being sponsored. I wanted to reflect all different retailers so randomly chose an item from one place, one from another and so on. Please remember prices are subjective to change which is why I haven't included them.

I would love to know what you are getting up to this Christmas, if you've brought anything you've seen on here, excited to share present, makeup or decoration ideas or anything Christmassy! Message me on Twitter or Instagram or use the hashtag #HolidaysWithHannah.


I find that perfume can be pretty expensive so one of the main reasons I picked this is because it retails for around £20 depending on where you purchase it. I love that this has such a understated sweet scent and have found that you can really smell the undertones of cedar when topping up throughout the day. When choosing this I actually had siblings/teens in mind as the tagline reads "for those who are growing up but not grown up" but after taking away a tester and judging the fantastic longevity and subtlety I decided it would be lovely for a Mum who would like a floral fresh fragrance.  

When writing down different gift areas I knew I had to include fragrance and a set of miniatures. I searched a tested quite a few but always went back to the Gucci Guilty and Gucci Guilty Intense which are featured in this set. Along with; Gucci Guilty Black and Gucci Premiere they make a lovely diverse combination. Personally I wasn't keen on the Gucci Guilty Black but the first two mentioned were what I would really call a Mum fragrance, the original for day and the Intense for night. They all feature very floral tones but not as sweet and some with a little spiced edge to them.

I found this to have a very fruity scent which I know isn't every Mum's taste but when researching, the majority of scents recommended to me were floral and I wanted to give an alternative. I found this to be quite a heavy strawberry scent, I personally didn't get much of the grapefruit but when I was told there were hints of Vanilla that really resonated as a mum scent. This is perfect as a think forward gift as it is definitely a summer scent.

Body / Skin Care

Featuring a Hand Lotion, Body Lotion, Body Wash & Cream Bath this is a lovely affordable gift for Mum's. In my eyes Dove is Number 1 for bathing as it is a simple one step product and you quickly start to feel your skin get softer. I decided to feature this set over another as it comes with a wash bag and is lovely for those who like to travel.

The Protect & Perfect range from No 7 is one of my mum's favourites which is why I was really happy they included it in this Skincare Gift Set. I don't think you can go wrong with a No 7 Gift and with this you get the Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser, Beautiful Skin Eye Make-up Remover, Protect & Perfect Intense Day and Night Cream, A Muslin Cloth and Headband. The Hot Cloth Cleanser is one of the best I've used, it really digs deep into the pores and has such a lovely smooth, milky consistency. It's lovely to gift, will give your mum a very refreshed complexion.

This is such an amazing Gift Set. It is on the pricier side at £65 but so worth the money! All the products are full size and it includes Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath, African Ximenia Scrub, Japanese Camellia Cream, French Lavender Massage Oil and Thai Wooden Massager. This definitely a gift for a Mum who loves to have long baths. I was really impressed by the scents, it wasn't what I was expecting they are quite subtle and all blend together nicely.


I picked a toothbrush because it is one of those basic healthcare products we need and never really connect to being an extravagant buy. This one is fantastic as it has sensitive and whitening cleaning modes as well as two heads for precision clean and flossing. It's one of those gifts that's useful and no one thinks to buy for themselves and some mum's would be definitely happy with this under the tree.

Remington have really pulled it out the bag with this one. Moroccan Argan Oil is a natural ingredient that makes the hair appear glossier as well as making it softer and well conditioned. The oil is infused in the plates so it distributes through the hair evenly. If your mum needs a new set of straighteners I'd recommend these in a flash!

A tablet may break the budget but for mum's who love to read, watch TV, movies or listen to music yet don't always have the time or peace to do so, this would be a lovely idea for them. With a sturdy battery life and 8 GB worth of storage your mum could also keep everything she needs here meaning no more calendars, diaries, lists,..etc and watch everything on the go. There are many tablets to chose from but Amazon Fire is only £49.99 an offers so much that it really is a bargain.


This is one of those fashion items that suits everyone and yet not everyone thinks about it. A Check poncho is in this season and there are loads to chose from, but I particularly like the colours on this one as it is festive but not Christmas and can be worn till Spring.

This is quite a personal thing to buy as your mum can be specific to a style or cut but if your close to your mum or you know one she has her eye on then go for it! This one was picked as I actually have it and my mum loves it. It has a lovely fake fur lined collar and a three button up front. It's a no fuss coat that's warm and stylish.

A dressing gown is such a lovely gift and again in a similar way to the toothbrush, not something you'd class as an extravagant gift as it's a basic piece to nightwear. This dressing gown is so super soft it's actually on my Christmas list! Most mum's wouldn't buy something like this for themselves so it's a nice idea.

Personalised Gifts

Mum gifts are great from those who are a little younger but they can be gifted by older teens/adults too. This slate sign is lovely and can be personalised if you wanted to make it a little more grown up. No matter what colour scheme the house is decorated in this will fit in nicely.

This is so lovely for either a new mum or a mum whose kids have grown up and left home. The idea is to put "mum" or her name in the heart and the child's name on the children. I think it'd be nice if your mum and dad are married to put his name on the heart with the child/children's names on the child charms. Makes a good stocking filler!

I think these make fun gifts even if your mum isn't that much of a wine drinker. You can write something sassy on it like Mum's Wine Hands Off or double it up if there is a milestone birthday not long before or after Christmas.

Home Gifts

If your mum likes little knick-knacks and home decor these a really in at the moment and are suitable for outdoor use too. They don't come with any tea lights but it gives you that opportunity to buy battery operated ones instead, which I think are better and less hassle. 

If your mum has a vanity/dressing table this would be handy sitting on the top to put daily jewellery in. I really like the clean design its not very bold or brightly coloured so it'd fit in with most decors. I like the size too it's not quite compact but it's not overly big. If you wanted to you can but a jewellery item to put in it.

Hands down probably one of the best value for money gifts for mums. I picked this as I have one on my bed and it is the softest and warmest throw ever. It washes well and comes in an array of colours so you can match it to the bedroom decor for throwing on the end of the bed. Or, you can match it to the living room to drape on the sofa. With this there are also two sizes to chose fro which may help you decide which room it will fit in.

Food Gifts

This set comes with Italian Ground Coffee, Cantuccini Biscuits, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Powder Shaker & Cocoa Powder Stencil. If your mum is a coffee lover then this is perfect, a lot of sets I found were very over complicated and included items that you wouldn't use a lot. With this set the accessories can be used to make fancy coffees when your mum has friends round or when she fancy's one! This is also an idea for new mums who have finished nurturing. 

I love this and it's a brilliant accompaniment to the coffee set. This would make a great stocking stuffer or gift from a younger sibling or child to your mum and it is actually designed with moving wheels! It's just so sweet to gift to someone and I think a mum especially would love it.

Now if your mum isn't a coffee lover but tea lover then there is this set which would accompaniment the Cookie train set too. This set comes with; English Breakfast Tea, English White tea, Thursday Cottage Jams in Strawberry & Raspberry, Walkers Mini Festive Stars, Farmhouse Lemon Biscuits, Loison Panettone Amerena and Belgian Dark Chocolate Seashells. This would be great to crack open on Boxing Day when she's not as hungry after having Christmas Day Dinner or if your mum wants a small taste of something sweet.


If your mum owns a Pandora charm bracelet why not add to it. I specifically chose this charm for the festive season but also because it's so darling and not overly animated or tacky. It's very simply done and adds that adorable red nose so you know it's Rudolph.

If your mum is like mine then they prefer gold and a gold watch is the perfect gift and statement piece to add to a Jewellery collection. The detailing on the face and contrast of colours is so subtle that the hands are easy to pick out. Other watches I looked at, I was squinting to see them.

This is so dainty, the main reason I chose this is because the colour of the stone is so beautiful. I think this just fits for Mum's it's not too over the top and just a simple piece for nice nights out. It is a long necklace too so it won't be too much of a nuisance or feel constricting. 


These are a fantastic novelty item for mum that she'd find so sweet. It's always hard to find novelty items that aren't too tacky and this is one of them. Slippers like this are always really comfy and warm as they are bulked out on the top and the no back on them makes it easier to slip on and off.

If your family all wear Christmas Jumpers on the day or buy one for each other every year I think this is perfect for mum's as the detailing isn't all over the jumper and very nicely done. The reason this stood out to me is because its navy so anything that may spill over Christmas won't be going onto a white jumper!

This is a great novelty stocking stuffer that's useful. With the winter months it does get frosty and this is a lovely comfort for your mum. I think this is another idea to be gifted from a younger relative.

Out Of The Box

When I was thinking about "out of the box" gift ideas this sprung to mind straight away but I will say that you have to be absolutely certain. A dog isn't just for Christmas it's for life but a couple of years ago we got our Gwen just after Christmas as she was born December 19th. If your mum is an animal lover and has been umm-ing and aah-ing take her to your nearest RSPCA or Dogs Trust and see if you can find one that would not only fit well into her lifestyle but that she can care for too.

Again this is another idea that you'll have to be certain on with the expense of it but if there is somewhere she wants to go or even a landmark in your country she wants to see book a few days/ a week away and have some time with your mum.  

This is an amazing experience for mums who love the movies. Your own private cinema experience with a glass of bubbly to go along. With the link I provided it gives specific locations but you can always see if your local cinema can offer the same experience.

As always, thanks for reading...

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