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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Making Sweet Bags // Halloween With Hannah

I wanted to create my own Halloween Sweet Bags for some of the kids in my family and thought I'd share this with you.
I purchased some cellophane bags with twisting ties on Amazon and they were a bargain at £1.40 for 30 so I may make some Christmas versions of these!
 All the sweets are from my local Poundworld Store.
I decided to use one bag of the chocolate balls for each bag and split the rest of the sweets up between the 5 Bags. It cost me £7 for all the sweets and I purchased some Sticky Creatures from The Entertainer to mix in with them. If you have children that aren't big sweet/chocolate eaters or if you don't allow it as often, I've found that most pound shops have little toys and even small craft and stationary bits that would fit in the cellophane bags.
I tied them off and they were done, easy!!

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